Happy Chic and Cheap

New items have been added to Jonathan Adler's Happy Chic collection on HSN and I like what I see (big surprise, right?). Like Nate Berkus' HSN line, JA has added more upholstered pieces this time around. I've never seen any furniture from HSN in person, so I can't report on the quality but when I zoom in on the product images, it looks decent (especially given the bargain prices). If you've ever bought upholstered goods from HSN, I'd love to hear your feedback. In any case, I think the designs are trendy and fun and would work well in many scenarios. Here are my picks from the set:

Happy Chic by Jonathan Adler - Tufted Chair with Contrast Welt - $330

Happy Chic by Jonathan Adler - 5' x 8' Area Rug - $300

Happy Chic by Jonathan Adler - Regency Contrast Welt Headboard - $430-530
Happy Chic by Jonathan Adler - Ikat Pillow Set - $60

Happy Chic by Jonathan Adler - Storage Bench with Contrasting Welt - $260

Happy Chic by Jonathan Adler - Set of 4 Placemats - $20

Being a lover of both orange and blue, the placemat set above is a favorite of mine. At $20 for four, they are a steal! Apparently they are reversible too (reverse to sold color). Hmm...I might have get my hands on some before they sell out.

Are you liking any items from the Happy Chic collection?


  1. Cute! I was wondering when they were going to add new items. Thx!

  2. How perfect-I didn't even know he had a line there!!

  3. Thanks for the tip! Going to head there now. I purchased a side table from Nate Berkus' HSN line, and I was very impressed by the quality (was concerned) and just love it!

  4. I LOVE the placemats - chain link is so timeless and yet so fresh in those colors - I think they're great.

  5. *** GR888 placemats... gotta run & get my order in right now! THANKS! Linda in AZ *

  6. The placemats are darling... I may have to see if they're still available! The pillows are cute too (and are at a great pricepoint), but I think this is a case where I'd rather save up for one of his sweet little needlepoint pillows from the "real" JA line. Thanks for pointing out the new collection! xo Annie