The Beautiful Stone, Tile, & Wood of Paris Ceramics

I was flipping through Luxe Magazine and stopped in my tracks when I saw the following Paris Ceramics ad...
Photo courtesy of Carter & Company

The Spanish marble checkerboard floor is what first drew me in. They are exquisite aren't they? I love a bold black and white checkerboard floor, but I'm really digging the use of the honed gray tiles since they are more subtle. The slight diversion from the classic is perfection. After obsessing over the image, I left the mag and went to the Paris Ceramics site where I found some gorgeous portfolio images...

I'm pretty sure this is from the same home as the one in the ad. I'm loving the mix of the tile floors with vividly colored accents like the red rug and the yellow window treatments...
Photo via Paris Ceramics

I am DYING over these floors. Apparently they are hand-hammered German silver briquette metal tiles. According to their site, the metal tile system is proprietary to Paris Ceramics and it's available in Copper and Brass, in addition to the German silver. A variety of patterns, shapes, and sizes are available. I want to see them in person but unfortunately, Paris Ceramics doesn't have a showroom presence in Dallas!
Photo via Paris Ceramics
 This fabulous pool is surrounded by tiles made of Santa Rufina, an alternative to antique terracotta that PC has developed. Using a mix of three different clays, these tiles are created by hand and must go through a long, laborious process to achieve their gorgeous color and patina. Besides the awesome Santa Rufina, the pool area also boasts French limestone copings (from PC) and a sublime wood pool deck. Oh and random aside, does anyone else find the thatched hut cabana to be a bit out of context??
Photo via Paris Ceramics

Those are my favorite three projects shown in their portfolio but there are lots of other great ones to see so take a look if you love stone and tile. If you fall into that category and find yourself on the PC site, click around in the Paris Ceramics Innovation section because there is some great information. 

Finally, if you're in the market for wood flooring, don't miss their wood surfaces section. They carry ITLAS products and they have some amazing woods like French white oak and a gorgeous dark Larice. 

Don't they have amazing things? I'm guessing that the price point is nothing short of premium but after seeing it in action and reading about how they produce the materials, I can understand why!

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  1. Gosh I just love that first floor! So classic and timeless. This is going direct into the "addition inspiration" folder!