My Current Favorite Shade of Blue

For a while now I've been infatuated with a particular shade of blue. There's not a common name like turquoise to use to describe it, but to me it's the color of the sky on a bluebird day in Colorado so I'll refer to it as Bluebird Blue. Anyhow, the obsession was prompted by the paint color on these doors at one of my favorite Dallas stores, Blue Print....

Here's a digital swatch:

And here's a bedroom board based around a super cool handmade Jielde lamp that comes in my beloved hue...
Interloper, acrylic on canvas by Jeff Depner
Large Meurice Pendant - Jonathan Adler -$468 (sale price)
Rossmore Headboard - Empiric - $685+
Blue Jielde Desk Lamp - Empiric -$575
Anichini Kanishka Pillow - Gilt Home - $200
Empiric Bench - Empiric - $1175+
Brasilia Circles Pillow - Jonathan Adler - $195

What is your reaction to the color? Do you get fixated on certain hues too? If so, what is your current color obsession?

Any favorite things in the board? There are lots of other items besides the lamp that came from Empiric and I'm lovin' all of them! That white nightstand with the dark blue interior is bananas. I also adore the painting by Jeff Depner.


  1. I love this shade of blue - it's so unique & unexpected! I've been incorporating a lot of navy blue into my home this year.

  2. I am in love with those doors. The color is amazing. Currently, the colors that I am loving right now is camel and burnt orange, maybe because it is fall;) I love that bench by the way.


  3. Kyle - thats awesome. You could totally redo your guest room with this pop of blue, since you were adding that rug and the Lulu DK colorwheel pillow. Hey - did you ever find an awesome (affordable) blue/white porcelain fishbowl for your FLF's?

  4. I've always been a fan of blue and orange and that bedroom looks divine!

  5. Hi Kyle, I love all shades of blue also and am incorporating it throughout my home. I have been eying your blue throgh which you have placed on your sectional in your family room for a while, do you remeber where you got that from, it is lovely!!

  6. I would call that cerulean (which, incidentially, always makes me think of that scene in Devil Wears Prada). It's not my favorite blue but it is fun and very refreshing!

  7. Where is that bedding from??