2012 New Releases from Made Goods

I have fawned over Made Goods before and I'm going to do it again because they a) relaunched their website and it has been vastly improved, b) expanded their product line for 2012, and c) flat-out produce absolutely amazing things and should be commended for their efforts!

Made Goods has the coolest style and unparalleled quality of materials and craftsmanship. Their aesthetic blends lots of styles and is hard to categorize. You could call it funky, sophisticated, chic, exotic, natural...but definitely not boring or ordinary. In a world full of copycats (i.e. Wisteria and Ballard Designs), they really lead the pack and come up with fresh, inventive designs. Being someone that's always craving something novel, I appreciate their creative spirit and stellar execution of their vision. Here's a sampling of their creations...

I'm infatuated with Made Goods' interchangeable accent tables and tops. My favorite base is the Osten and I can't pick a top that I like best because they are all fab...

They've released new additions to their product lineup and many of them have made my covet list. there is lots of turquoise faux shagreen, inlaid bone detailing, and perfectly antiqued mirrored finishes. Have a look at some of my favorites...

I also adore the glitzy Paris mirror, which is encrusted with rhinestones. What are you lusting over? If you're itching to buy some of these lovely goodies, then head over to Clayton Gray. They carry a wide selection of the Made Goods line.


  1. completely impressed - going to check them out now! thanks for the intro, kyle. ox

  2. Made Goods has the coolest products! We absolutely love them.

  3. OBSESSED with the interchangeable accent tables! The Osten base would look great with the Faux Turquoise Shagreen or the Brown Lips Shell Sticks!


  4. AWESOME source! Thanks for sharing!

  5. i love made goods. awesome company, awesome products.

  6. What an amazing collection! And I love how they are so artfully photographed!

  7. LOVE their stuff-so fun to see the new items-Thanks for posting. I need one of those side tables and the accessories, oh my!

    That flower mirror in the first image reminds me of this Caracole mirror:

  8. O


  9. I TOTALLY agree! Made Goods have THE goods!!!!!
    Love all their faux shagreen pieces, and have used a few pieces in clients homes. Their workmanship is good, and the designs are SPOT ON! Great post :)

    The Turquoise square table on the black base is DIVINE...

  10. Thank you for blogging about Made Goods! What an informative and interesting post. We love all the new items too. Thank you for letting your readers know that we carry a wide selection of their furnishings.