Etsy Obsession

Etsy is the jam...seriously. You can find really unique stuff on there and the prices are generally awesome. I constantly source artwork, pillows, lighting, rugs, accessories, and vintage furniture from Etsy sellers. Trust me, if you haven't already shopped Etsy, you should! If my recommendation alone isn't enough, then here is a mélange of some of my latest favorites in a little vignette to entice you further...

I'm an Etsy pusher to friends and family too. In fact, today I sent my cousin this amazing painting and she bought it. The subject looks like her black lab :) If you want a similar portrait of your beloved pooch, then contact the Etsy seller BirdDogLand and she can do a commission for $350!

Do you love Etsy too? What have you bought from there? Ever purchased any furniture? I actually haven't yet...I've only bought small, easily shippable things so far. Oh and by the way, I saw that vintage Lucite hoop chandelier from the nursery on 1stDibs for over $1,000 more than it is listed for on Etsy!


  1. This is such a great post!! I have recently become a big fan of etsy, I didn't realize it had become a place for vintage items, the last time i gave it a real look around which i suppose was a few years ago there was nothing like what is available now! GREAT stuff, GREAT prices!!
    Great post aside, I was even more excited when I saw the lucite hoop chandelier!! I HAVE TWO IDENTICAL PERFECT CONDITION LUCITE HOOP CHANDELIER'S available for sale for even less than the etsy shop. Which you are totally right, is already over 1000 dollars less than the exact chandelier over at 1st dibbs and pieces! Come see what we have if you are interested :) RSD Home Decor
    We also have a giveaway going on at: lifeSTYLE Giveaway!
    Thanks so much!

    Rai xo.

  2. As a shop owner in Etsy, I completely agree! That Dinner at the Orient Express dresser is amaazing! Never seen anything like it. Love your collages, I know those can be a lot of work, so great job!

  3. I love Etsy too! I think I will have to add those lamps to my shopping cart!

  4. Great post! Love the room vignette. Etsy is a wonderful place to shop!