The Greatest Place on Earth - Empiric

Empiric was one of my favorite stores in LA...loved their mix of goods. I could go on and on about how endlessly cool this place is, however, I'll abbreviate myself and only show my favorite shots of the store and the amazing things inside it.

View from the outside...

Cool refinished retro dresser

Awesome bar cart

This whole set-up is fabulous, that desk is the best.

They had lots of metal/industrial cabinets...I like the one below since it has a feminine touch.

I want this badly...it's a suspension lamp, so it hits the floor and ceiling.



Cute chair, I just love that Schumacher fabric.

 So many well-priced prints...my favorites:


  Another amazing desk...check out the safe in there.

Shot of the ceiling and those killer chandeliers.

That's a giraffe skull in the middle!

I don't know what this is but I like it. Saber toothed tiger perhaps?

Darling little trophies

Store window displays...I'm dying over that credenza!

I would like to use these colored pencils here:

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