Pillow Source

Was sorting through my inbox and was so glad to run across Hable Construction as a fun new pillow source.

I spotted their totes/bags in Daily Candy Deals email (code DCHABLE will get you 25% off the items in the "Carry" section). The cheerful yet sophisticated prints shown in the email lured me in and it was nice to find that they had a "Decorate" section on the Hable site. In hand-printed cotton canvas and linen, their fabrics make for excellent accent pillows. Hable offers custom sizes including a euro sham option, which is awesome.

Not going to lie, the prices are a little steep. I'm guessing that their quality is exceptional and warrants the price tag, but it's hard to tell online. Speak up if any of you have reviews! Here are a few of my favorites...

I also saw these nifty hampers and bushels in the storage section....pretty cute way to stash laundry, blankets, toys, etc. A bushel would be perfect for our pool towels.

Also...sorry about the unannounced blogging hiatus! Last weekend was hectic and there weren't many spare moments during this week, so Knight Moves got neglected. Lots of little projects have been completed, so at least I've been productive and can report on the progress next week. Anyhow, despite the recent lack of posts, I hope you'll bear with me and will keep reading :)

Happy Friday!


  1. LOVE the turquoise beads pillow! I plan on having a pillow post of my own either this week or next {need new ones for the LR}. Thanks for the pillow inspiration! :)

  2. A Bushel ??
    My mum used to sing a song to me when I was little, the first line of which went 'I love you a bushel and a peck'. I have never known what it meant but now I just need to find out what a 'peck' is !

  3. I have several of their pillows and the quality is amazing! We have them at the lake house... very durable.