Drumroll please - West Elm Fall Preview!

Saw a link announcing West Elm's fall preview yesterday and scurried to check it out. Despite the fact that hearing about fall this early in the summer annoys me, I was pumped to see a new crop from one of my favorite stores. The image below was one of the first I saw...I gasped out loud in excitement over the diamond-patterned rug!

Looks good with a dark sofa to, eh?

I've had the pleasure of seeing lots of the items shown in the preview at the West Elm store here in Dallas. Things that made the favorites list include:

The rug is nice in the charcoal color also...

*LOVE this wall color too! I'm wondering if they'll tell us the name here.


  1. Obsessed with both rugs,totem pillow, wood veneer lights, the imperial bedding,and that tray!!!!!

  2. Oh. My. Gosh.

    West Elm is my favorite! Seriously, they can do no wrong. I absolutely LOVE everything you just showed us! Can't wait to explore the catalog for myself :)

  3. I'll take one of each please!! Love the rugs and pillows as well. Love the carved circles duvet too!

  4. Well, I'll take any of the new bedding to be honest...everything is beautiful.