NYC Apartment

One of my best friends just moved into a new apartment in New York and needs to jazz up her bedroom. She bought some blue curtains at Crate and Barrel and has a white comforter and dark brown furniture. Luckily, the room is a blank slate so she has plenty of freedom in choosing accent colors. The downside to that situation is that the possibilities can seem endless, which is quite overwhelming.

It helps to find at least one item with color that you absolutely love. Starting with a key accessory like a lamp, a pillow, a throw, or rug makes the rest of the process easy because you have a palette/style to work with. To help her in the decision-making process, I've given some examples of how the blue curtains can be used as a jumping-off point for many different palettes, through a variety of accessories. I tried to use well-priced items that she can easily get in the city or order from the internet. Hopefully, something will catch her eye and we can build the room out from there.

Painting - Etsy - $70
Pillow - IKEA - $10
Blue Pillow - Etsy - $45

Ikat Pillow - Etsy -  $35
Sunbird Pillow Cases - Anthropologie - $48

Pillow pair - Etsy - $185
Orange embroidered pillow - Z Gallerie
Blue rug - Urban Outfitters - $48

Rugs - Anthropologie
Labyrinth Pillow - Z Gallerie - $50

 Sunshine Medallion Shams - Urban Outfitters - $30
Flower/Leaf pillow - Etsy - $30

Flower pillow - Etsy - $35
Blue leaves pillow - Etsy - $30 for pair
Flower pillow - Crate and Barrel - $35

This Multicolor Rug from IKEA would work with many of the pillows above and it's only $20!

Rugs from above...
Striped - IKEA - $13

Colorblock - IKEA - $18

I'd love to hear everyone's favorites...whether it's a whole set or just a particular item or color palette! Also, if you have other ideas and suggestions, send them my way :)


  1. I love it ALL! Thank you!!

  2. I love the set with the chinese dragon pillows...but I love orange and blue...and am obsessed with that fabric right now. Great options you put together for your friend!

  3. I'm a huge fan of blue and orange so I love the third one down. Those dragon pillows are terrific!

  4. Wow, you made this hard. Right off I love the 1st one but then I love the 3rd, 4th and 5th ones too.

    What great choices she has, lucky friend.

  5. I like the third one down best, too!

  6. While orange is my favorite color I think I have to go with the green and white striped rug here. I just love the mix of colors you have with it. Good luck to your friend!