Etsy Pillow Cruise

I get asked for pillow sources quite often and Etsy is always on my list. Besides having awesome prices, Etsy has one-of-a-kind things like the pillow below made from a vintage scarf. Also, since most of the goods are handmade, many of the sellers are willing to customize, which is perfect if you're looking for a certain size or shape.

Etsy has lots of other fun things to offer too, so be sure and poke around. It can be overwhelming, so a nice place to start is the color tool. Just glide your cursor around the palette and it will pull up pics of buyables in the color you click on.

Here are some of the pillows that have recently caught my eye...if you like one, click through the link and check out the other things that the seller has in their shop. This is how I found one of my favorite sellers, Nena Von.




  1. love these! the Birdie Bunch is the best, although the scarf pillow is very clever too.

  2. I like Birdie Bunch too, but think I'd go with the 50s birdcage. thanks for sharing these!

  3. oooh, i'm loving all of these. love the green chevron - fun splashes of color!
    thanks for sharing.