Room Recipe: Study

After receiving a few emails and comments on some of the items in our study, I figured it best to provide a room recipe...even though this room is not quite finished!

As with the one I did for the bedroom and the dining room, some items aren't available online, so I've provided comparable alternatives.

1. Paint - Deep Silver 2124-30 - Benjamin Moore
2. Chandelier - Z Gallerie - Orbit Chandelier
3. Rug - Frontgate - Greek Key Outdoor Rug
4. Chairs - Restoration Hardware - Martine Dining Chairs
6. Lamps - Wisteria Outlet
7. Bookcase - Wisteria Outlet
8. Hanging Magazines - Taschen - Arts & Architecture 1945-54: The Complete Reprint

This lamp is very similar to the ones on our desks, however, it's not exactly easy on the budget!

This Pottery Barn one has a better price tag. Take your pick!

The Sonoma Bookcase from Ballard Designs is a dead ringer for the one I have. They have good sales, so if you're patient, the price could get better.

Like I said, this room remains unfinished and I have lots of ideas on changes. As usual, more time and money would catalyze the process! Oh well...hopefully both will come sooner rather than later and I can execute the following:

1) Add a second bookcase and then split the two with a small credenza or cabinet of some sort. The set-up would be something like this (only a lot less cool)...
Design by Kelly Wearstler

2) On a function over form issue, more storage space is needed for my desk. So, I'm thinking about ordering two file cabinet units like these from PB and using them instead of the trestles.

3) The walls need to be made a little less bare. I originally planned to hang a second line of the Arts and Architecture magazines above the one I already have up. The wire hanging systems bows too much (I wanted a straight line), so I'm not sure if that's still a possibility. I need to play around with it more and see if I can get the line taught without ripping up my walls!

Also, I bought this huge piece for my husband's office, and I've been plotting to steal it and hang it in the study :)

We have two desks because my husband thought he could do more of his late-night working at home. Turns out, he gets more done at his office and hardly uses the set-up at home. Since the need for double desks has diminished, the design/layout possibilities are now more open.

Buying two desks forced me to find a cheap solution: the IKEA trestles + stainless steel desktops. If I only had to buy one, I'd go for something prettier, more functional, and probably more expensive. Join me in Lala Land and let's pretend I'm starting from scratch. Here are some items that I'd consider...

Decker Bookshelf from Anthropologie

The above bookcase would play nicely with this Library Desk from Viva Terra. The built-in book nook looks cool and would probably be really functional. I'm also a fan of the weathered gray finish. Only problem is that the aforementioned storage issue would not be solved. Ugh, it's so hard to get a good-looking and practical desk!

I adore steel tanker desks and one would nip my storage problem in the bud. Rehab Vintage in LA has some that are new and others that have been refurbished. I'd love to get one in a fun color...probably turquoise or orange. Here's the standard gray, which is also neat.

Or I'd go in a different direction all together and use skinny bookcases and do a long credenza like this beauty from Pieces. Credenzas provide tons of storage so no need to get a drawer-loaded desk.

The credenza would need a snazzy, brightly-colored pair of lamps and in reality I'd probably run to HomeGoods for those. Since they don't have merchandise on their website and this exercise is just for fun...let's go for a pair of vintage Murano lamps from Swank.

With the credenza, I likely pick something in this realm for the desk since it has a more polished look. Also from Pieces, a gorgeous walnut desk...

As far as the rug goes, I'd stick with an indoor/outdoor one - they're ideal for an office if you have a rolling chair since there's no rug pile to scoot across. Also, you can literally take them outside and hose them off! Burke Decor has some great options like this cool black and white one.


  1. I have the same IKEA wire hanging wire system in our house (it is in our bedroom). We just have some large prints hanging on it and it looks fabulous and doesn't bow. I suggest cutting the covers off all the Architecture/Design Magazines and hanging just those. Yes, you will be messing up your Magazines but in the name of fabulous design! They also tend to come loose after a few months so they need a little tightening every once in a while. Love your office, btw, wish ours was that cute!

  2. Your study looks great! Thanks for sharing the details.

  3. Gorgeous study! Love your blog. Are your desk tops stainless steel? If not, what are they? It is hard to tell from the picture.

  4. Allyson, the tops are stainless steel (from IKEA), however, I had a piece of glass cut to set on top so they wouldn't get scratched up.