More on Monograms

I just emerged from the black hole that is the Julia B. website...oh my goodness, I've been creeping around it for way too long! Not long ago, I professed my love for monograms and this site is just feeding that fire.

Not only does Julia B. have 24 gorgeous monogram designs, they also offer a wide range of beautiful fabric options, and amazing border choices. Pretty much anything you can dream up is possible. I'm overwhelmed, yet delighted by those prospects. As far as the border options go, I've tentatively narrowed it down to the Paris and Anjou styles as favorites. The what-I-would-order-if-I-had-the-money game stops there because get heart palpitations at the thought of choosing a monogram design...I love too many of them. You'd probably have to hold a gun to my head to make me decide!

Enough about me and my craziness, I want to hear about your favorites. Take a look at this sampling of their exquisite handiwork and of course, cruise their site as well...you won't believe how beautifully intricate everything is.

Two final things about Julia B. to keep in mind: one,  they are able to accommodate requests for custom work, including the reproduction of vintage patterns and monograms. This is nice for those like me who always sort through the heirloom linens while antiquing. I often find pretty designs, but the initials never match up to mine...it's good to know that Julia B. can fix that problem. Two, they have a bridal registry service, which is pure genius...brides, you had better get in on this! I would've loved to register for Julia B. goodies. In fact, maybe I'll go ahead and create a general gifting registry for my husband to tap ;)


  1. I have to confess, I too am a monogramholic. One of my favorites is my Ballard Designs shower curtain that I have in the guest bath, its a crisp white, with a 3 stripe boarder in black and a huge ‘F’ in a beautiful scroll in the center. My hubby and I share the same first letter in our first names, so it makes a stunning symmetrical monogram. I also have monogrammed stem wraps made for my wine glasses, and monogrammed cocktail napkins on hand at all times, this does not include the monogrammed sheets in the guest bedroom and all the other fun monogrammed stuff from Ballard’s that I have acquired over the years. I agree with your previous Monogram post… it’s a southern thang!

  2. How lovely. I could spend a lot of time admiring all of the beautiful options on the website!

  3. Thank you so much for your kind words....Best, Julia B.