Lakehouse Love

We spent the weekend at one of my favorite lakehouses. Besides being a fun place in general, the house is super unique and has a great style. Much thought and consideration was put into every detail of the architecture, layout, structure, finishes, and fixtures. The resulting space is super functional and has a fresh, comfortable feel to it. There is a lot to say, so today I'll talk mainly about the layout and functionality and tomorrow I'll share interior shots and details.

As you can see, the structure is designed to withstand flooding. Besides serving a very important structural purpose, the stilts made room for an outdoor shower (behind the concrete blocks on the right side), an elevator, and lots of covered parking. There are also a few huge storage closets down there. The storage area on the left is very important...it houses a refrigerator/freezer designated for ice and beverages. Packing a cooler for the boat is a breeze at this house!

The house was smartly divided into two different zones: one is a cooking and living area (labeled Clubhouse) and the other is full of bedrooms and bathrooms. With this thoughtful setup, sleepers aren't disturbed by noise from the kitchen or the party.

The two parts of the house are connected by a large covered patio that overlooks the lake. The area is home to a dining table/chairs and a pair of oversized porch swings. The swings are normally decked out with Sunbrella-fabric-covered mattresses and tons of outdoor pillows, but I was taking pics as everything was being put away. In all their cushiony glory, the swings are ideal for napping.

I love the exterior light fixtures...

View of the dock and the lake...

Another brilliant feature of this house is the location and setup of the utility room. On the Motel side of the house, the room serves as a supply closet and mission control for laundry. Extra towels and sheet sets are separated by size and kept in labeled shelves. All linens are white which makes everything so simple. There is no need to do separate loads of lights/darks or to fuss over what color goes in each bedroom. At the end of the weekend, guests can easily replace all used linens with a fresh set. Dirty laundry is washed, dryed, folded, and put away all within about six square feet!

Surplus supplies are kept in this room too...everything from nail polish remover to light bulbs. Besides the kitchen, this is the only place you need to go when making a grocery list.

Hope you're enjoying the tour so far...come back for more tomorrow!


  1. Is this lakehouse available for rent? Looks nearly perfect so far!

  2. ooh, so fun! Love the red porch swings.

  3. Oh, gosh. I was loving it until the last picture! I hate to be a party pooper but those shelves are crammed full of toxic junk. :( They need some healthier (and prettier) cleaning products... like these- www.mrsjonessoapbox.etsy.com. Sorry, shameless plug but honestly I thought all the pictures were great until I got to the end of the post and then my heart sank a bit. Can't wait to hear where it is and if it's for rent!

  4. This is very similar to the "fishing camps" in Louisiana. I always loved the simplicity of a weekend getaway where everything has been thought through- like all white linens for easy exchange when leaving. These simple ideas should be easily transferable to my own home- I just have yet to start :)