Blog Crawl - My Life is an Open Book

Today I'm up to bat for the Hello Splendor Blog Crawl! I'm so grateful to Beth for organizing this fun digital party...it's designed to help readers find new blogs and allow fellow bloggers get to know each other better. Thanks for including me Beth! The topic is "My Life is an Open Book." The jet-setting heroine of Rambles with Reese is a tough act to follow, but here goes...

The Author:
Kyle (in my favorite city in the world, Paris)

The Setting: 
the Knight residence

The most lived-in rooms of the house...

The Characters:
Me, Clay (my husband), and...




The Plot: 
A little over a year ago, we all moved from our cute little first house to our current house (except for Lou Lou, she got here this summer). Over the past year, Clay and I have completed project after project in the quest to make the 1948 ranch house look and feel like it's ours. After MANY trips to Home Depot, we're getting close, but the reality of owning a house is that the to-do list never ends. Happily, the house is now more reflective of our style and it certainly feels like a home!

While Clay and I were being weekend warriors...Wendy, Miley, and Lou Lou were swimming

and Jazzy was hunting for lizards, sunbathing, and snacking.

After we bought the house, I immediately got to work on the task of furnishing the place and found my way to Blogland. There was so much inspiration and I tinkered with the idea of starting my own blog to document my impending nesting process for friends and family. I loved the visual organization aspect of it - especially the prospect of displaying my overflowing coffers of interior images as well as having the ability to list and link all of my potential decor purchases. So, Knight Moves was born!

Since then I've accumulated these things called "followers" and have learned about "comments" and all about traffic stats and analytics. Seriously, I was not blog savvy AT ALL and didn't know about followers and comments until embarrassingly late in the game! In any case, it's been such a fun project and quite an amazing community to become a part of. There are so many encouraging, supportive bloggers out there and I'm so thankful to all who have helped Knight Moves along the way :)

The Twist: 
Blogging has really helped me hone in on my passion for interior design and it has jump-started the process of making my passion into a profession. After being a citizen of the blogosphere for only a short time, I'm completely amazed at the fantastic opportunities that have come my way. I've been connected with really impressive people and have been invited to contribute to some super exciting projects. There are still a lot of moving parts, but a few are underway. One will be announced in October, so stay tuned!

Be sure to tune in tomorrow for Melissa's Blog Crawl response on So About What I Said... Again, Kudos to Beth for orchestrating this! Happy blog crawling :)


  1. I absolutely love your home, inside and out! Amazing job and kudos for taking in that sweet little foster dog:)

  2. That's a great story. Loved getting to know you better.

  3. Beautiful home! My husband and I live in the DFW area too. We also love dogs and have 3 chihuahuas. I love the photos of your dogs in the pool! Too cute! Our dogs do not like to go anywhere near our pool, ha!


  4. Great post, great home, great, happy life. It's always fun to go behind the curtain ; )


  5. What a charming home! Well done! Would you mind sharing the color of your master bedroom and office?

  6. Fun read!! You and your husband are such a cute couple...perfect for your lovely home!

    xo, cassie (a follower, and commenter!) ;)

  7. Love your home and you look so chic in Paris! How do you like those Mascot dog collars? I've been thinking of picking one up for my furbaby.

    Fellow DFWer Laura

  8. wow your house is amazing! and you and your hubs are so cute w/your little pupcakes :)

    thanks for sharing!

  9. I'm so glad I stumbled across your blog. You have a gorgeous home! I am looking forward to following.
    I really enjoyed today's post. Your babies are so adorable.

  10. LOVED this...OMG you're dogs jumping in the pool..so funny! :)))
    Im eyeing your JA new rug...oh boy!


  11. Love this! You're kitchen is gorgeous!

  12. Wow! Love your story, love your blog, love your home, your dogs...Love!!

    So happy this blog crawl is taking place because it brought me here!!

  13. Kyle, what is that awesome gray you painted the walls in the office and in your Master Bedroom? I'm looking for that exact color for my Master Bedroom....Thanks in advance for the help!!!

  14. Gorgeous everything! Where did you get your bed and the floor lamp in your bedroom? I LOVE!!

    You and your hubby are adorable as are your fur babies.

    Thanks for sharing.

  15. So great to get to know you. I'm in Dallas too. I hope to meet you are the blogger social, and your babies are too cute.


  16. This is a great post Kyle! It was lovely getting to know you too. I absolutely love your home - the pieces are amazing and well designed. You definitely have a special talent!

    Rambles with Reese

  17. Kyle,
    From what I've read so far, your blog is fantastic and you have done an amazing job with your home. I just discovered Knight Moves today, and I'm looking forward to reading and seeing more of your posts.
    Cherish Toronto

  18. I LOVE the outside (and inside, duh) of your home! Do you have the outdoor paint colors? I would love them!


  19. I know I am commenting on a REALLY old post, but what color did you use for your living room? I really like it and have enjoyed looking through your blog.

  20. What an adorable family you have Kyle. Thank you for posting such wonderful and inspiration photos. You have helped me in my effort to settle us into our new home here in Northern Virgina. I'll keep checking back! P.S. Just want to kiss that little Lou Lou. What a peach!