West Elm's Metamorphosis

A few years ago, West Elm was not on my list of favorite stores. Their inventory used to seem cold, sterile, and "contemporary" and now the overall tone seems to have changed. The 2010 lines in particular, have felt warmer and richer. I'd describe the new style as modern and on-trend, yet still livable and comfortable. They also have a fabulous color palette going on these days. With the help of ben® by Benjamin Moore, each season's color story is translated in a paint collection which is a bonus for the paint-obsessed like yours truly.

Similar to my beloved J. Crew, WE seems to be guided by a new creative direction that has really breathed life into the brand. Everything about West Elm is more interesting...from the merchandise to the store displays and catalog styling. The initiative to collaborate with brands and designers such as John-Paul Philippe, PATCH NYC, Lutz and Patmos, and David Stark has certainly helped develop this fresh, more authentic "personality."

However they got here, I like the new style and love having West Elm as a resource (especially since they have a big store here in Dallas with an awesome, super helpful staff). So, when I got word yesterday that new merch was on the website, I darted over to check it out and found lots of goodies like these...

Floating Lacquer Frames (love the monogram option)

Silver Flower Stems (try these instead of silk floral) 

Winter-Dot Canapé Plates

Essex Sofa (fab burnt orange walls too!)

They now offer special order upholstery where you can choose from lots of different fabrics. Here's a sampling of the cute prints that are in stock:

What is your take on West Elm? Do you notice how they've changed over the past few years, or am I a little bit bananas? What do you think of their new stuff?


  1. I completely agree! I found much more to be inspired by in their most recent catalog than in years past, and actually just used the Feather Gray Ikat fabric as a color inspiration in my mom's living and dining rooms. Now we just need a West Elm store in Northwest Arkansas!

  2. They're definitely more on my radar than before. Love the fabric options - that sofa and ottoman = Yes!

  3. I believe some of Anthropologie's artistic talent has gone to work for WE. I'm very impressed with how the retailer has fleshed out.
    I've gone crazy over their curtains of late and my jaw dropped repeatedly when I stopped in for a browse yesterday. The styling seems to have picked up a touch of the dark, euro vibe I so covet.
    Come over to Nero and check out the post I did on Tuesday featuring their mirrored pedestal table -- positively slaying me in the new finish.


  4. I totally agree...I used to think their stuff was too plain and modern...now I love the warmth they have included in their new lines.

  5. You're spot on. They used to be too modern and predictable. Sort of one note. Now they have more flavor, warmth and much better styling in their catalogs.

  6. I literally drooled over that sofa. Well, not literally, but my mouth did fill up with saliva. Love the more earthy, more ethnic touches they're doing... I'm just so happy Austin has a store.

    Now... should I get the ottoman or the sofa? Decisions, decisions. Thanks for sharing!

  7. Those silver straws will be making their way into my home this season. There items are certainly desirable.

    Mr. Goodwill Hunting

  8. Mr. Goodwill Hunting - I LOVE that you noticed the silver straws! I'm obsessing over them too, along with the turquoise dominos!

  9. How can I find those turquoise dominos??? I need a set!