Coloring the Guest Bedroom

On Wednesday I posted about "colorizing" a room over on the HomeGoods Openhouse blog. After getting the new rug for the den, the sisal rug got moved to the guest room so I no longer have to work with the old rug's color palette. Now everything is neutral - mainly white, gray, and black - and a color infusion is needed! So, I used my new Chinoiserie ceramic pieces as the starting point for the color scheme.

Here's the direction...

Chelsea Wing Chair* - Williams-Sonoma Home
Abstract Painting by Greg Minah - Ugallery
Chiang Mai Dragon Fabric - Schumacher
Yellow Drapes with Greek Key Trim - Drape Style
Caspian Silk Coverlet - John Robshaw
Letterpress Notepad - Rock Paper Scissors
Zigzag pen - Jonathan Adler
Fu Dog Bookends - CB2
Black Greek Key Pillow** (discontinued) - Madeline Weinrib
Chinese garden stool - HomeGoods

*Although I'd love to get this chair, I'll more likely be recovering the wing chair shown in the room shot above. I'm thinking white linen with black cording...thoughts?
** I'm hoping to replicate this style in a Euro sham to replace the black and white squiggly-patterned ones.

Any thoughts or suggestions? There's a 99% chance that the yellow curtains won't happen. I'll probably take the tamer (and cheaper) route and simply edge the borders of the existing white ones with some black and white Greek Key trim.

Have a wonderful weekend!


  1. This project looks exciting and who can go wrong with chinoiserie, right?
    I have a similar color scheme in my guest room (black, white, creams, distressed leather -- a touch of mirror and metallics, ie, pretty neutral) and I've played around with colorizing it a few times in the past.

    Because the initial palette was so tame, I was able to throw in a couple of chiang mai pillows and switch out the sheets, throws and area rugs -- always small, superficial things along the lines of accessories.

    My advice is to do as much of it with semi-permanent touches as you can, because I guarantee you'll go through another color phase in the future and want to play switcheroo again, or maybe, just maybe have a baby or two ; )

    Best 'o luck with the do, can't wait to see the end result. Cheers, Alcira


  2. Chiag Mai is so predictable..go for something more original...the rest looks great!

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  4. Anon - I know what you're saying about Chiang Mai being predictable, however, it's a really tough fabric to find a substitute for because it delivers such a vibrant color palette and a dynamic pattern/design. I really love it...especially the new mocha colorway.

  5. In accordance with anon, I quickly tired of my Chiang Mai duo and passed them on to a good friend, however I agree with you that the mocha-backed colorway you've chosen is more distinct and packs an exotic color punch.
    Besides, I vote to use what you love in your home, and hey, if you tire of the Chiang Mai, you won't be tied to something uber-permanent.


  6. BTW, out of curiosity, what kind of camera do you use? Your images are so crisp and wide.


  7. Where is the chandelier from? Beautiful! The black and white mod pattern seems to conflict with the Chiang Mai. Maybe change those pillows for something else? Love your house!

  8. I love the rug in there!

    Have you thought about doing a nailhead instead of the piping trim for the chair?

  9. I really like all of your inspiration pieces. And I definitely think if you want Chiang Mai, that's what you should get.

    I think I have the same bed skirt in one of my guest rooms. And similar linens on the bed. But yours looks better. :)

  10. These are wonderful inspirations! Have a beautiful week ahead! Kellie xx

  11. Kyle- please come fix my 90's-ikea-chic flat in England. It is in desperate need of some comfy freshness... just like this! :)

  12. So delighted to have discovered your blog. We are in the process of decorating our master bedroom which connects to my studio and we were strongly considering painting the walls with "Slate" from Restoration Hardware. Seeing your beautiful decor, and slate walls, has made my decision so much easier! Marking you as a favorite. Many thanks, Julie

  13. A.A.B.B. - I can't provide sourcing info for the chandelier since it was at the house when we moved in. It originally hung in the breakfast room and there was a really ugly flush-mount light in this room.

    On the black and white pillow issue, I intend to nix the mod patterned ones on the bed now and replace them with something that looks like the black Greek key ones shown in the mood board.

  14. Samantha - I would LOVE to do nailhead trim on the wing chair, however, I'm not sure if the structure of mine will accommodate it. I'll definitely be asking my upholsterer!

  15. What a stunning room, so crisp and classy.

    The additions will just make it outstanding.

    What is that paint color on the walls?

  16. Where did you find your bedskirt? Or where could I find one similar to it?? I am trying to decorate my guest bedroom and your bedskirt is just what I have been looking for.

  17. Lauren, the bedskirt is by Dwell and I got it from Target last year. It was on sale for only $20!

  18. I love it all even the Chiange Mai......[I also have it in my house and it is hard to beat!]. I doubt you will tire of a couple of pillows in a guest room. I would love to know the color of the walls.