Zig Zag Wishes Granted

It's like the people at Simrin are reading my mind...when I published my Ode to Chevron, I remember thinking that some zigzag table linens would be the jam, and of course, I couldn't find ANY. Well, apparently they heard my plea because they've filled the void with these beauties from Burke Decor...

The navy is probably my favorite color. What's your pick?

In my search, there was also a dearth of chevron patterned pillows. Etsy has a few cute styles, but they all seemed to be made from the same fabric. I tried to find other unique options, but the supply across the interwebs wasn't plentiful. Lucky for us, Thomas Paul stepped up to the plate and incorporated a funky chevron print into his Mod Mex collection. Since we're all in fall mode, it's a little hard to digest the bright, spring-ish colorways...but hey, beggars can't be choosers!

12" x 20" in Aqua - can be purchased from Burke Decor or 2modern

Here's the reverse of the aqua...it's a coral block print with birds and hearts. Not my fave, but I could deal with it.
Again, the reverse is a "Mod Mex" bird print.

This is the 22" x 22" size - although the dimensions are slightly smaller than a Euro, a couple of them would still work great on a bed.
Bird print on the reverse...

Any favorites out of the bunch above? If you're like me and don't totally love the birds on the backs of the Thomas Paul pillows, creating pillows from the napkins is a possibility. The size works out well since they are 20" x 20" and it would definitely be a cheaper option! If any of you crafty readers out there do it, you better send me a show-and-tell email :)


  1. Have you seen the Sophistikat Flor tiles. AMAZING! Perfect for you no?


  2. i like the navy....but maybe just because I am into darker colors now that it's almost autumn.

  3. Those are awesome- really dig the navy. The yellow and turquoise remind me of my blog header:)

  4. I also have a minor chevron obsession as of late!

  5. They are all so gorgeous! I have some chevron pillows in seafoam green and LOVE them. Even though Fall is right around the corner, I can't bear to banish them to the closet until Spring!

  6. i'm having a zigzag moment myself! thanks for sharing :)

  7. Still loving all the zig zag going around the internet...its such a great pattern. :)))