Rewinding to a Few Missed Highlights

While I was off in Colorado avoiding my digital life, a few exciting things occurred that I wanted to circle back to and share. First, our study was featured on Apartment Therapy! Someone spotted the room on the house tour at La Dolce Vita and I saw two mentions - one here and the other here - both focusing on the magazine display.

The ironic thing is that I consider this to be one of the least finished rooms in the house. In fact, it's a little embarrassing to see pics of its current state on a site as huge as Apartment Therapy. The desk situation is temporary and I still haven't properly dressed the walls. I originally intended to hang another line of magazines above the row that's already up, and I think I still like the idea. I could go on and on about what I'd like to accomplish in there, but alas, I'm in the space ALL of the time, so I forget that it should be higher up on my to-do list. In any case, it was great to see it featured!

Secondly, I did a "10 Things I Can't Live Without" guest post over at LDV. I tried to keep it breezy and not get into the heavy, super meaningful stuff. It was a little hard to come up with list items at first, and then it quickly got out of control when I started rattling off mundane, stranded-on-a-desert-island types of items like toilet paper and all of my fav foods (SO pathetic, I know). Besides paraphrasing the fat girl rant, I narrowed down my exhaustive list by choosing things that photograph well, like these little goons :)

In other Knight Moves news, one of my blog crushes, Jen of Made by Girl, gave my turquoise HomeGoods lamps a shout-out. She had the same lamps (from TJ Maxx) and painted them black...they look amazing, go check them out!

Finally, I was invited to participate in Hello Splendor's first Blog Crawl! I'm pumped to be involved...my post is scheduled for 9/30, but be sure to check out everyone else's posts in the meantime too. It's a fantastic roster of bloggers and I'm honored to be included...thanks Beth :)


  1. Discovered your blog via Made by Girl. Loving what I see and looking forward to adding you to my daily reads. Now I'm off to peruse your home tour. Can't wait! :) Erica

  2. I truly love your place! It makes me so happy.


  3. Megan, I'll tell the dogs that you think they're cute :)

    Erica, so glad you found Knight Moves and you're liking what you see!

  4. kyle- found your blog earlier this summer and L.O.V.E it. Was stoked to see all the cross blog love over the past couple weeks. keep it comin' girl. p.s. the little navy embroidered dress you wore in one of the paris pics was the cutest!

  5. How exciting to be featured in so many awesome places. It is well deserved, your style and ideas (and of course the pups) are amazing!

  6. You have done an amazing job with your home! I featured your home as well. You have phenominal taste. :-)