Spotted at World Market

I have been on the lookout for a well-priced breakfast table for someone, which led me to the World Market website. I wanted to check out their selection because they have some nice looking, basic pieces of furniture that are actually made of solid wood. I found two really great options....

I also found lots of other great bargains on the site.

Sophia Chair - $260 for two

Easton Desk - $170

I really want to trot over to my local store today and grab a bunch of their table linens...they are pretty and CHEAP. $16 for a set of four placemats and $12 for a set of four napkins!?! I'm all over that!

Cute stuff, don't you think?


  1. I keep World Market in my back pocket. You can find some great things in there.

  2. I adore World market. They have some great things and lots more goodies online.

  3. Cost PLus has had been rocking some festive house swag for some time now.
    Have you noticed some of their dhurries? Totally up your alley methinks.
    There's even a couple of Wisteria lookalikes.
    Happy Turkey Day, Alcira


  4. The only thing I would advise is follow the cleaning instructions very carefully for the wood table. I purchased one a few years ago and the wood has buckled up in small spots on the top of the table and it knicks very easily.

  5. I loooove the store on Alpha Rd at Tollway, they have so many options on the placemat aisle. However, be careful if you wash them before dinner. Mine didn't look the same, but for 99 cents I can't complain :)

  6. Great items and prices!! I am a new follower and love your blog. It's great how you share such wonderful finds out there and you have great taste!

    I just posted a before and after of some vintage chairs - would love to get your feedback :-)

  7. Oooo I am ALLL IN on those placemats! good thing Im not entertaining this year or they would be a "must have now" problem!

    Down the world market rabbit hole I go! Sorry Boss!




  8. I am deep, deep love with World Market lately.

  9. I think im going to go for that bamboo cocktail collection! :)))

  10. Great Stuff! I always completely forget to look there...thanks for the reminder. Especially on those table linens!!!

  11. Lisa in Louisville, KYNovember 29, 2010 at 3:53 AM


    Just wanted to let you know that EVERYTHING is on sale today, Monday 11/29, at World Market for 20% off.

    Maybe now you can treat yourself to some of your favorites!

  12. They have a coupon right now too. You can get 25% OFF through Dec. 5th.