Crushing on Lauren Stern Design

I stumbled across Lauren Stern's design work while looking at fixtures from Urban Electric, and I'm glad to have found my way to her portfolio. I'm especially enamored with the following West Village penthouse project that she completed. Isn't it gorgeous? You honestly need to click through to the Lauren Stern Design site and look at the whole place. Based on the before photos, it seems that a major renovation had to take place in order to get it looking as stunning as it presently does.

I'd kill for those herringbone floors.

This is such a fabulous wall color for a bedroom, especially with the dark bed and floors.

I definitely have a thing for campaign desks. This one is painted a really interesting color. 

This seating area is also in the master bedroom...

I suppose you don't have to worry about privacy when your bathroom is on the top of a building. It would take me a while to get used to that!

That's quite a view.

Here's the photo from Urban Electric...their Edina sconces were used here.
I am so in love with that sink console.
She definitely has the ability to execute a variety of styles. I was most drawn to the classic, yet fresh look carried through the penthouse project. The Fisher Island project shown in the portfolio is more modern, but it's pretty amazing too. Here's a quick glimpse into that (there are MANY more rooms from this home to view on her site).

Photos via Lauren Stern Design, taken by Michael Grimm


  1. That penthouse is gorgeous - and the view isn't bad either! But I'm with you on the bathroom privacy, or lack therof...not sure that I could get used to it!

  2. I luv the view from the patio. The decor is so suburbs with a touch of city. The view is killer!

  3. I would happily have the bedroom with the fireplace, the bathroom with all those lovely windows and the balcony/patio area with a view.
    I will keep dreaming.....

  4. Is that art over the couch chalkboard paint with a pattern drawn on? That needs to be my next art project, wonder if there is a spray to make it permanent..hmmm

  5. Just a Girl - the same thought crossed my mind! You could probably cover a pre-stretched canvas with chalkboard paint, doodle around a bit, and then spray it with a matte glaze. It sounds like it could be a fun project!

  6. I was thinking the same thing about the chalkboard paint. Love it!

  7. Love it, wow thanks so much for sharing these gorgeous images!

  8. Wow! Her work is stunning. I'm off to look at her portfolio.

  9. Thanks for sharing, her work is incredible!