Chair Hall of Fame

I've spent lots of time shopping for chairs lately...mostly for other people, but it's hard to avoid picking favorites of my own, even if they don't fit into the project at hand. I can't help but obsess over some of them. Honestly, if I had tons of money, I'd probably become a chair hoarder!

Anyhow, seeing as there are so many fabulous chairs out there, I started tracking my favorites and now keep a file of "Top Chairs."  The file has gotten pretty full and I wanted to start sharing my picks before the list becomes unmanageable. Right now, just over 30 beauties have made the cut, so I'll dose it out to you in three installments. Enjoy!

1) Woodson & Rummerfield™ Beverlywood Chair
2) Plantation Design King Chair
3) High Fashion Home Wendy Chair
4) Pieces Tufted Arm Chair (sold as pair)
5) Z Gallerie Oscar Chair and 1/2
6) Williams-Sonoma Home Grayson Chair
7) Windsor Smith Directoire Chair
8) Williams-Sonoma Home Chelsea Wing Chair
9) High Fashion Home Roman Chair
10) Windsor Smith Samantha Scroll Arm Chair 

If someone were to give me two from these ten (without any budget restrictions, of course) then I'd have to go with #1 and #7. Do you like any of the above?

Here is more #7 Directoire Chair action...I don't usually like leather chairs, but there's something about this one that gets me. The style is perfectly balanced between being masculine and feminine.
Image via Windsor Smith


  1. Hall of Fame, indeed! They're all beautiful! My favorites are 2, 3, and 6. I love the casters on 3!!!!


  2. No. 7 is the best! That Directoire from Windsor Smith, I love it.

  3. My favorite is No2.

  4. They are all absolutely gorgeous. I am really loving 4, 7, and 8.

  5. I LOVE the Windsor Smith chair (7). I have a really nicely cut wing back chair from Anthropolgie but it needs to be reupholstered badly!

  6. I love how #3 has a slight recline to it. At first it seems so prim and proper, but really, it's a laid back little chair!

  7. #4 & #8 are speaking my language :)