Copycat Entry

After professing my devotion to the entry designed by Colleen McGill on Friday, I received some comments and emails asking for sourcing information for various pieces in the scheme. So, I happily went on the hunt for items that could be used to recreate a similar look and here is what I came up with.

I tried to cover a wide range of price points. I began with a moderately priced scheme, followed with a more expensive set, and ended with some bargain items. I have favorite elements in all of them...what about you? 

With any of the lineups, this tray would make a perfect accessory, wouldn't it?

Williams-Sonoma Home Tiled Tray


  1. Beautiful!! Thanks for sharing. So many great items. I love the rug from Wisteria and the chandelier from Pottery Barn...

  2. That W-S bone inlay tray would make a perfect accessory to pretty much any space but I'm not sure how many of us could afford to accessorize at $900 a piece!!

    That being said, brilliant post! Love your pairings.

  3. This has been my favorite entry way for ages now. Its nice to see it come to life in different ways. I wish I had the space to do this in my entry way, but I don't have a wall big enough to do it on. Maybe I will have to steal some of your ideas and do it on a smaller scale.

  4. Wonderful picks - especially love that fabulous AVF table in the second grouping!

  5. That second vignette is really doing it for me -- three cheers for chunky lucite, graphic rugs and eye-catching lighting.

    In other fodder, I've awarded you a Stylish Blogger Award.
    It's a bit like a bloggy chain-letter, I've found, so don't feel obligated to play along.

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    Cheers, Alcira


  6. Great vision!Definitely a look ill be itching to recreate in my entryway!