Scarves as Pillows

I've had an ongoing love affair with scarves. Whether I'm at J. Crew or a vintage shop, I always browse the scarf selection and often buy them, regardless of whether or not I'll actually wear them. I get sucked in by the colors, fabric, and/or design and start forming a relationship with the piece of fabric before it's even officially mine. Scarves work in my wardrobe because my fashion philosophy is similar to my general decor philosophy. Essentially, I keep the anchor pieces timeless and neutral and add style and personality through trendy and colorful accessories.

Via Hermès

So, if it works for my wardrobe then why not work scarves into my home decor? I'm particularly transfixed by scarves with bold colors and patterns and I love a statement-making pillow, so naturally, I want to turn every scarf that I fall in love with into a pillow. It seems that I'm not the only one with this problem...a favorite Etsy seller of mine, Sayso Design, offers an awesome selection of Vera Neumann scarves-turned-pillows.

Anyhow, I've decided to start putting my ideas into action. Although it's not technically a scarf, here's a batik (that I inherited from my grandmother) that I've been using to play pillow dress-up...

These scarves by Theodora & Callum would be great if you're looking to get something similar to my batik:

If you've been following this blog for a while, you might know that I've been toying with new color schemes for our guest room. Instead of using Schumacher's Chiang Mai Dragon on an oversized bolster pillow across the bed, I'm thinking of using a vintage scarf to make a pillow. Maybe the fun polka-dotted one below...

I still have the urge to use the Chiang Mai in the Mocha colorway...and with the blue in the scarf, I could easily make it work. If money was no object, I'd use the CMD on one of the following:

  1. A custom, super tall, nailhead trimmed headboard
  2. The wingback chair in the corner
  3. Floor-to-ceiling custom drapes

 Schumacher Chiang Mai Dragon in Mocha

Until I win the lottery, I'll just keep dreaming and the scarf pillow might have to stand alone. I suppose that if I won the lottery, I might just buy three identical square silk scarves from Hermès (like the ones shown in the first pic) and make them into euro pillow shams. The lottery-winning dream world is so much more fun, isn't it?

Have a wonderful weekend!


Tufted Beds and More à la Room Service

I love tufted upholstery, especially tufted beds and headboards. The texture and softness that tufting creates pairs particularly well with more rigid or tailored elements like contrasting cording or nailhead trim. Because of the pretty shape and the tufting + cording, I've long crushed on the York Headboard from Pottery Barn (although sadly, the current version doesn't have the contrasting trim) and the Woodhouse Bed by Jonathan Adler. I also love the Rafael Bed from Z Gallerie for its tufting +nailhead trim.

A few years ago, I discovered Room Service in Los Angeles and was pleased to find that they make a few styles that are similar to the ones above (albeit less conservative). Room Service has tons of customizable bed designs, many of which are beautifully shaped, tufted, and have nailhead trim. Their style is definitely trendy and playful, so the fabrics used on the pieces in their showrooms are often pretty daring and bold. Anyhow, check out these tufted, statement-making beauties...

Besides fabulous beds and headboards, Room Service also makes plenty of other gorgeous furniture and they carry an eclectic set of home accessories. I love that Room Service creates a large percentage of their product line in the US and that most of the furniture is designed by husband and wife owners John and Taryn Bernard. At their operation in California they produce upholstery and cabinetry and have metal fabrication capabilities, so if you can dream it up...it's likely that they can make it.

Pretty cool stuff, isn't it? Room Service has stores in LA, Newport Beach, or San Francisco, so be sure to stop by one if you are ever nearby. Just prepare yourself for some serious visual stimulation...there is a lot to take in!


JA Never Fails

As many of you know, I am infatuated with all things Jonathan Adler. Lucky for me (and any of you who share my affection for Mr Adler's creations), JA keeps producing fantastic merch. I'm lovin' all of the below, especially the Design Your Own throws shown at the bottom.

I designed my own a custom Jonathan Adler rug and loved having the freedom to pick any color, pattern, and size. Since choosing a throw is a much less stressful commitment than choosing a rug, I'm sure the process would be even more fun this time around. Due to the fact that I have a blanket hoarding problem, I really shouldn't get one for myself, however, I do plan to strategically use these custom throws in other people's rooms. I'm pumped about this new resource because draping a colorful throw across the back of a sofa or over a chair is one of my favorite ways to bring color and pattern to bland (or ugly) beds and upholstery.

Keep in mind that besides rugs and throws, you can Design Your Own pillows and tote bags too!


Beyond Showroom Success

I've been in Colorado over the past few days with some friends. I just discovered that one of my friends knows Holly Hunt's son and we got to talking about her and the amazing business she has built over the past few decades. Holly Hunt owns and operates multi-line showrooms in six U.S. cities and her collections are represented in ten additional cities. Holly started out in a small showroom in Chicago's Merchandise Mart and offered top luxury designer collections. 

The present day Holly Hunt Showroom in Chicago 

She has since grown that small business into an empire of stunning showrooms and now produces her own sophisticated lines of furniture, textiles, leathers, rugs, and lighting. In fact, you'll find Holly Hunt products sprinkled throughout all of the major shelter magazines. She is a visionary that has brought together talented artists and designers has truly curated a comprehensive selection of their finest works. As a result, the HH Collection and all of the other lines such as the Beyond Border rug collection, are teaming with innovative, modern designs. The quality is also outstanding and Holly takes pride in the fact that ninety-five percent of their product is made by American craftsmen.

To give you an idea of the general aesthetic of the brand, here is a sampling of items that can be sourced through Holly Hunt:

Siren Dining Chair

Mitik Commode, Moiste Chair

Galion Console, Hussard Sconce

Aileron Lounge Chair

St. Barts Ile de Re Lounge Chair
Christian Liaigre Manuscript Cabinet

Christian Liaigre Basse Terre Sofa

Christian Liaigre Galion Console

Christian Liaigre Zanzibar Bed

Lighting designed by Alison Berger

Word Pendant
 Gorgeous, tough textiles that can be used indoors and outdoors.

Here is Holly in her Chicago showroom.

Holly Hunt's story is very inspiring and a more detailed account is provided on the HH website. It's definitely worth a read. 

While the overall aesthetic is more modern than I usually go for, I love everything shown above...especially the Alison Berger lighting and the Zanzibar bed!