Framing Options: Part 3

Here is the last and final frame option that I chose from Larson-Juhl, it's a sleek white style called Gallery One (324941).  I paired it with a few quasi-traditional furniture items and some bold rugs. The frame is shown hanging against two super different wall colors, the first is a soft gray by Sherwin-Williams called Front Porch (7651) and the second is a vibrant magenta also by Shewin-Williams called Valentine (6587).

ABC Carpet Color Reform Rug

The white frame looks really fresh with the painting don't you think? Do you like one of these rugs better than the other? What about the wall colors?

In case you missed yesterday's posts about the artwork and the artist, the piece is a huge original mixed media by Diana Delgado via Ugallery. With the help of Larson-Juhl's nifty frame viewer, I played with a few different frames and room scenarios to illustrate how framing can make a huge impact on how artwork is integrated into a space.


  1. Great options; I've loved your framing posts the last few days!!! I want one of those Color Reform rugs SO BADLY!!!

  2. I love the first look! Both rugs make me squeal with delight but that's because I'm a rug whore. My fav of the frame series, though, has to be the gold frame. Gorgeous!

  3. That's such a great painting - it makes me want to be brave and go modern with the big empty space on my wall!

    Haley @ Cardigan Junkie

  4. Both are beautiful! My vote would be the first one! I love the rug and colours.

  5. Kelly - glad to hear you've liked the framing posts! I am frame-obsessed, so I could talk on and on about the topic, but I'm never sure if anyone else cares :) I'm with you on the Color Reform rugs! They are A-M-A-Z-I-N-G and even better in person.

  6. Thanks for the mention and use of our Larson-Juhl frames. The rooms are lovely, and for what it is worth, I love the soft grey from Sherwin Williams.

    Steve McKenzie