Top Shop: ABC Carpet & Home

One of my favorite shopping stops in New York is ABC Carpet & Home. I could honestly spend a whole day there...especially with the three amazing restaurants on site. The expansive-yet-edited home furnishings emporium has been top of mind lately because I just got an announcement for the upcoming Madeline Weinrib sample sale (this weekend) and I get the ABC Carpet & Home Facebook feed which gushes out images of drool-inducing rugs like these on a regular basis...

In case any of you have never had the privilege of cruising through the tens of thousands of square feet that ABC occupies, I wanted to give you a glimpse of their digs. And keep in mind this is truly a tiny glimpse, the store is HUGE. Like most retail establishments, it's best to shop ABC in person so be sure to put it on your to-do list for the next time you're in New York...for those who don't already live there, of course :)

Without further ado, here is the sixth floor...home to thousands of drop-dead-gorgeous textiles and Madeline Weinrib's atelier.

From the Color Reform collection...

These are examples of hand-painted rugs. The one with the face was given to artists as a substitute for canvas.

Each area of color was hand-dyed/painted...

I'm 99% this is from the Ethos collection...


Now on Madeline Weinrib's atelier...

These are from a series called Climbers & Ramblers that was designed in collaboration with Ralph Pucci.

One of my favorite things about Madeline Weinrib's area of the sixth floor was that her two darling King Charles Cavalier Spaniels were part of the staff...

The rest of the images are favorite items and vignettes from different floors. You'll notice that the variety of merchandise is incredible. Their outstanding creative team and buying staff has creating a perfectly eclectic roundup of modern goods for the home. There is SO much to explore!

These ottomans are covered with antique, dyed rugs and I'm completely obsessed with them. They are an exciting blend of styles.

ABC has ALL kinds of lighting, upholstery, case goods, accent furniture, etc., etc., etc....

If I had super tall ceilings, I'd want to bring home that enormous turned wood sculpture...

This store has everything you could possibly need to create a plush bedroom...seriously everything from mattresses and pillows to super luxe linens.

Finally (I went in backwards order), here are shots of the main floor which is overwhelming yet exhilarating. These two pics only show a wee bit of what the first floor has to offer. Merchandise in this area includes everything from lighting and pillows (as seen here), to tableware, jewelry, and countless other curiosities for the home...

Whew...that was a lot of photos, wasn't it? Hopefully you found them interesting. I obviously find ABC Carpet & Home to be mesmerizing! Are any of you as obsessed with the store as I am?


  1. Can't wait to order my over dyed rug from one of the vendors that supply ABC with their "color reform" line! Unfortunately they were so high in demand at market, that a lot of inventory is wiped out :( so im patiently waiting...

  2. Love the pics and post----one of my favs!!

  3. I'm heading to NYC in a few weeks and would love it if you would share your list of "must visit" shops!!

  4. Oh how I love those over dyed rugs and the M, Weinrib's and the ikats, Hell, I love everything in that store.

  5. I've seen glimpses of ABC before and I would love to shop there next time I'm in NY. Those rugs are fabulous! We've got to get more of these available in Texas!

  6. LOVE this post !
    amazing, congratulations ;)


  7. ok that's it. i'm moving to nyc just to be able to spend time with those rugs on a daily basis.

  8. I'm so overstimulated by pretty patterns and colors right now! Can't wait to go there in person.