Ideas for the Guest Room

The turquoise lamp from HomeGoods that I mentioned yesterday got me thinking about how badly that guest room needs some color. For some time now, I've been wanting to use Schumacher's Chiang Mai Dragon fabric in there because it provides such a vibrant palette to work with. I am 100% aware that the fabric is overplayed, however, there really aren't other options that achieve the same effect. It's colorful, bold, and modern...plus it isn't just a floral which makes it more interesting (and younger looking too). Trust me, I sooo wish that a new print that checked all of those boxes would come out!

Anyhow, I originally thought of using the Chiang Mai Mocha colorway but after seeing it in the space, I prefer the Alabaster colorway. My plan would be to have an oversized 12 x 60" bolster made that would sit in front on the monogrammed king shams. I took some photos of the fabric sample ghetto-rigged as a pillow (and removed the normal black/white euro shams) so that you all can get the general idea...

I want to get a real bed and make some other changes with the furniture in the room. I've illustrated my rough plan in the board below. The bed I'm after is Z Gallerie's Rafael bed. I have loved this bed for years! I could also just have a headboard made and save some $$, but I really like the idea of having the full setup so the bedskirt can be omitted.

If I don't find a second gold campaign table, then a pair of nightstands will be needed (the bookcase next to the bed will be moved to the other wall once I sell the tall dresser that's in the room). I like the black striped Wycliff chest from Pier 1, especially since it's are well-priced. For lighting, I wouldn't change much but I'd have to buy a mate for the turquoise lamp that I wrote about yesterday or just get a different pair altogether.

As far as linens go, I would order custom euro shams in a bold color, maybe in turquoise and maybe with a fretwork appliqué pattern like the ones available here. I have a grayish brown jute rug in the room and I plan to attempt to paint it. Thinking of a herringbone pattern like the Calypso rug shown in the board...thoughts? The curtains also need to be lined and trimmed...perhaps with a Greek key tape.

There is a wing chair in the room that I'd like to swathe in Thibaut's Malay Ikat (if the blue works)...but I couldn't find a wing chair on the web for the board so you'll have to use your imagination. Finally, a set of Penguin Classics would add a punch of color to the bookcase in the room.

Here's the real room again, without all of the fab stuff....

And here's the bargain lamp that prompted me into action...

And finally, pretty roses just for the sake of being pretty :)

What do you think of the scheme? Be honest, are you totally over Chiang Mai? I still love it and can't find a decent substitute...it really adds a great does of color and vitality to a room. But if you are over it and know of comparable alternatives, please share!


  1. I love your moodboard but I think the existing room is already pretty good! I really love the brass side table you have already, you should look for another that works with it - it's gorgeous! I think the Chaing Mai works really well with the bold stripe you have on the stool as well (even though I am a little bit over it - it's still a gorgeous fabric though!).

  2. I still LOVE it. I'm thinking of redoing our master bedroom, and haven't really come up with anything I'm excited about except chiang mai dragon curtains. But my husband almost choked when I ran the cost by him. So...hmph, maybe a pillow, I guess.

    I really like the moodboard! The lamp is lovely.

  3. I still love it, but I do think it has been really overplayed, especially by the entire blogging community. However, who cares what other people are doing or say, if you love the pattern, go with it!!

  4. What a fun post! So much to think about.
    I love the direction you're taking with those bold nightstands. You could even make those if you thrift a pair in similar shape with some B&W paint.

    You rug will be easy to paint! Real Simple has a good tutorial: http://www.realsimple.com/home-organizing/makeover-your-rugs-with-paint-10000001058023/index.html

    Chiang Mai has been around forever because it has no equal! Embrace your love for it, even if everyone else thinks its over.

    Lastly, you take such beautiful pictures Kyle. What is the make/model of your camera? I am saving for a new shooter and am trying to reseach but there's so much to learn!
    Cheers, Whitney @ Consider Yourself At Home

  5. It still looks fabulous without all the extras though.

  6. ... you know.. I AM almost over that fabric!
    There are SO MANY new and beautiful fabrics out there, I would go look before committing to the dragon :)

    Still like your new HG lamp, great pop of color! I am not liking the bedside tables, the look to heavy for this space, try something light, kind-a like what you already have there.

    Happy decorating!
    Northern Light Blog

    PS. Where did you find the three mirrors? HG?

  7. I love your ideas for your guest room! You have such a great eye are and are awesome at sourcing furniture. I went looking for Greek Key trim for our curtains a while back, and literally the only place I could find it was Calico Corners. They had great color options, but the size I wanted was $11.50/yard. I thought I would be able to find something a bit less expensive, but still haven't! So please post what you decide to do with the curtains, I would love to see the finished product :)

  8. I am in LOVE with that glass side table! Where did you get that>?

  9. I love your guest room. The wall color is perfect and the Chiang Mai is fabulous, it is a classic pattern. I found a simliar lamp at Home Goods the other day, they have such great deals.

  10. Could you live with a bolster only 53" long? That way you'd only need one width of fabric. I love the fabric. Only in blogland is it overdone, imho. Suzani, on the other hand, I'm really tired of.

  11. I don't think I will ever be over the dragon...to me, it can just look *SO* different in whatever scheme it gets put into and the colors and pattern are just so lovely...I just can't get enough! I absolutely love it with that vibrant turquoise...and with the lovely gold accents...I'm thinking I should come *live* in your guest room! Ha! (c:

  12. The lamp is quite a find! If you go with those chunky side tables I'd like to bid on your campaign table:) I might suggest saving a bunch-o-money and doing a tufted headboard from HSN (nate berkus)...it is just a guest room after all...I'm contemplating ordering one and sent away for a free fabric swatch. http://home-decor.hsn.com/nate-berkus-tufted-headboard_p-4536474_xp.aspx?cm_sp=QuickLook*Gridpage*hd& - what do you think?

  13. Have you considered something from Designer's Guild? Here's their fabric collection link online:


    Her patterns are insanely colorful and gorgeous beyond description. Worth considering for sure!!

  14. I really enjoy your blog, but was surprised to see you use the word ghetto-rigged. Perhaps a better choice of words would by jury-rigged, an old nautical term for temporary. The former is offensive to many as it could be seen to mean that anything in the ghetto/inner-city is inferior. I'm sure your intent was not to offend.

  15. Such the ever decorator! I thought the room was lovely the way it is, but I understand the need to change things up! I love the mirrors above the bed. I just saw a picture of Coco Rocha's APT and she had the same style of mirrors turned on the point in a mosaic pattern above her couch. I would love to know where you found those!

  16. i work at schumacher- and so i can tell you, there is nothing better than chiang mai dragon! in any colorway :)


  17. I agree with Dalliance. I get over things quickly because I see them on blogs so often. But if you think about it...do your friends & family read blogs? Mine don't. So if I bring something new into a room that has been all over blogland, they don't know. They think I'm a smart decorater. So get what you love.
    But I would do a bigger bolster to really nake an impact.

  18. Love this bedroom. I can not wait to do our guest room up like this love it:)

  19. What is the color grey that you used and where did you buy it? Thanks!:)