A Wall Full of Pink Art

A wall full of pink art sounds pretty extreme, right? Well, surprisingly I'm kind of loving the idea after playing with it on a board. Lately I've had numerous projects that have required artwork selection so I've been on the hunt for well-priced original work. During my searches, I keep gravitating towards pieces that include the color pink. Maybe it is because I'm looking for a few little girls' rooms or maybe it is because pink is EVERYWHERE lately and I can't get it out of my head.

In any case, I'm determined to incorporate some pink artwork into my own home now. I've been pinning tons of options and have been placing some pieces in mood boards for clients, so I had lots of pink pieces handy in Photoshop and decided to create a whole wall with a pink theme. All of the art below is from Etsy and all are originals except for the vintage Audubon print (which I framed with Larson-Juhl's awesome frame design tool). It's a pretty fun mix, right?

The Blue and Green Trees
Flamingo Audubon Print
Farm Fresh Bouquet
The Pink Elephant
Likid Lebete

Also on the board is another recent obsession, the 108" long John Derian Field Bench with Back, which is made by a fav manufacturer of mine, Cisco Brothers. For years I've lusted after the normal Field Bench and now that it is available with a back I'm completely infatuated with owning one. In the board I paired it with two Casbah side tables from Jayson Home & Garden and two mini crystal lamps from Empiric.

What do you think of the crazy pink wall? Do you like any of the specific pieces?


  1. Oh my gosh, I love it so much!

  2. Looks super cute! i could also make something like this with a bit more pic if any of your clients would like...these are 8x10's. :)


  3. Brilliant! I love the Flamingo print and the flowers in pitchers..!

  4. Hey! big fan of your blog. Love the selections above, my fave on is on the bottom right...so interesting! I am a Dallas-based Artist and would love for you to check out some of my paintings. My style is organic and contemporary with a bold use of color:

    A pink one I recently sold comes to mind, prints are available on my Etsy shop:

    Thanks! Gina Marie Dunn

  5. totally digging those pops of pink!

  6. The pink looks fantastic against the dark grey wall!

  7. I stumbled upon your blog while googling Jamie Young lamps. I am in love with your Cloisonne one. I wish I had gotten that great deal of the two on Etsy! Crazy! You have exquisite taste. I actually was in love with this Casbah side table when I got the Jayson catalog and seeing this laid out confirmed it, I bought one this morning.:)
    F. Fournier is one of my fave artist on Etsy, I am saving up for one of his larger pieces. I hadnt heard of some of the other artists you posted but have hearted them now. Thank you!

  8. I LOVE the pink art wall. Pink is so fresh and I love mixing them all together. It creates so much more interest than just hanging a single painting.