Marbled Paper and Fabrics

I've been really drawn to marbleized items over the past few months. Cool marbled things like Shandell's chandelier shades keep catching my eye and I feel like the trend is on the rise. I've always loved marbled paper goods and I'm glad to see that the style is increasingly being used on textiles in a sophisticated manner.

While I'll take the mass produced marbled designs, I particularly like things that are marbled by hand since the marbling process creates endless opportunities in terms of color palette and pattern. Through the medium, artisans can create one-of-a-kind textiles and papers...and people like you and I can buy them and have something special and unique in our home.

Thanks to the open range that is the Internet, there are lots of sources for marbleized wares. I went straight to Etsy and Ebay for the handmade and vintage items. Luxe decor purveyors like Sferra and Dransfield & Ross make some gorgeous, off-the-shelf marbled items.

3) Florentine Napkins - Dransfield & Ross via Bellissimo
4) Satin Fabric - Etsy
5) Onyx Faux Leather Pillow - Dransfield & Ross
6) Onyx Faux Leather Pillow - Dransfield & Ross
7) Marbleized Florentine Pillow - Dransfield & Ross

1) Marbled Paper - Paper Source
Florentine Address Book - Etsy
Vintage 1930s French Book - Etsy
Green Marbled Journal/Album - Etsy
Vintage Hardcover Book - Etsy
Turkish Marbling Address Book - Etsy
Marbled Scrap Pack - Etsy
Halo of Dust Book - Etsy

I'm really into the gold marbled pillow à la Kelly Wearstler shown above and could see that used in a bedroom or a living area. I'm also ready to start collecting vintage books with marbled covers since they would display so beautifully. Until my collection evolves, I might just use the marbled paper from Paper Source to make book covers for a set of hardbacks (I have a bunch of really random textbooks from the 70s that won't EVER get pulled from the shelves). If I decide to get fancy then I'll have a calligrapher write the book titles (which should be super interesting in my case) on the front and the spine area of the marbled covers...like these from Etsy seller Neapolitan:

What do you think of marbled things?


  1. I love, love, love a marbled pattern. I think it is going to be the new trend in design textiles. How beautiful would this pattern be on a bergere chair :)

  2. love this! you can dip paper in water with spray paint floating on top to get this same effect. it's really fun to do! you just put water in a bucket deep enough to dip whatever you want to and then spray the colors on top. they separate naturally and make really pretty abstract images.

  3. Kristy - I totally agree about it becoming the next big trend in textiles...or at least I'm hoping it will! I'm so tired of everything else out there right now. And yes, I LOVE the idea of a marbled fabric on a bergere chair!

  4. Anna - I will try out the spray paint project...sounds very cool!