A Bedroom Built Around a Benedict

I've recently been fixated on the paintings of accomplished contemporary artist, Sally King Benedict. Her work is perfect for a few of my clients and my friend Bradley (of the fab fashion blog Luella & June) is also hankering for one of Sally's pieces, so I've been keeping my eye on her online inventory over the past few weeks. By merely viewing her art online, it's easy to tell that Sally is an outstanding colorist. While digitally soaking in the beauty of her creations is a fabulous experience, I'm sure that it's a million times better in person! Hopefully I'll be able to get up close and personal with a piece in the near future and can report back :)

It would be nearly impossible for me to pick a "favorite," however, one piece that I just can't get out of my head is called Cool Water. I love the movement and the fresh color palette...

Cool Water - 2011 - 36" x 48" (framed) - oil, acrylic, and guache on canvas by Sally King Benedict
As an homage to the piece (and a way of visually representing my daydream of owning the piece), I've created a bedroom mood board around the painting...
Pottery Barn Antonia Canopy Bed
West Elm Mirror-Framed Mirror
Quadrille Terrace Watermelon on Tint

What do you think of the painting? What about the board?

I also wanted to share a few snapshots from one of Sally's recent shows...it's nice to be able to see the pieces on actual walls. There's also a glimpse of a few of her works on paper, which are also gorgeous.

There's Cool Water on the right!


  1. Gorgeous , gorgeous paintings!!!
    VT Interiors Blog

  2. The colors in the paintings are beautiful. I would love to also see these pieces of art in person!

  3. Dying for one of these... seriously. OMG. Thanks for the sweet mention! :)

  4. Sally's artwork is gorgeous. I think Cool Water is stunning...the colors are beautiful. I'd love to have that one hanging in my bedroom! I'll also take the bedroom you designed. You did a fabulous job.