Online Resources for Moroccan Goodies

For the past year or two, all things Moroccan have been über popular - vacays to Marrakech, Moorish tunics and jewelry, and of course, Moroccan poufs and lanterns have been all the rage. Normally I tire of trends easily but I'm glad that Moroccan aesthetic has flourished in America and stuck around for a while. Besides the vivid colors and the distinctive style, most Moroccan creations and designs have a rich history behind them and so many are intricately crafted by hand, both attributes that are rare these days. Along with those qualities, I also appreciate how Moroccan style (especially in decor) is both exotic and comfortable at the same time.

A while back I wrote about Moroccan goods purveyors, E Kenoz and Sheherazade, and today I wanted to pass on a few more resources in case you're in the market for some zesty Moroccan accents. I've recently found great stuff at the following sites: Moroccan PrestigeThe Moroccan Room, Just Morocco, and Marrakesh Trading House. I shopped all four stores and these were my favorite finds...
Moorish Brass Mirror - Moroccan Prestige

Zebra Cabinet
Artizana Pouf
Fleur de Lys Tile
Brass Tray Table

I love the idea of hanging one of these huge painted square ceiling panels (shown first below) on the wall to serve as artwork or even as a headboard...
Leather Pouf ($135)

Also, they aren't shown below but I feel like I should mention that the Moroccan Room carries a pretty good selection of rugs including the popular Beni Ourain style.

Some pretty amazing stuff, right? I'm really dying over the headboards and the mosaic fountains! A more feasible purchase would be a set of the bright and cheery tea glasses...I'd probably use them as vases for small flower arrangements. 

Do you like Moroccan decor? Even if you don't love the style, the colors are mesmerizing, aren't they?


  1. Everything here is gorgeous!! Loving the Moroccan decor!!

  2. I love the square ceiling panels. Those would make for an amazing headboard! Thanks for sharing!

  3. I'm loving that cobalt and white pouf! xoox shelli

  4. I love the eclectic look of Moroccan decor, it adds so much interest to a room.

  5. Poufs in metallics are my favorite way to pouf. That sounds weird, but you know what I mean. Ha :) xo