Art Sampler: Reactions and Preferences Requested

I'm always intrigued by one's art preferences. People are often unpredictable in terms of what art they like and buy. It's pretty fascinating to see different art collections especially in relation to the general decor of the homes in which they are housed. Art is vitality important to the way a home feels and of course, the artwork in a home may make one person feel one way and another person feel completely differently. These varying reactions are what makes art so compelling and sometimes so controversial.

With that said, I thought it would be interesting to hear about what you think of the following pieces:
Azurrine - Kate Long Stevenson - Tyler White Gallery

Praia Piquinia 06/08/09 14h01 - Christian Chaize

Aloe - Sally King Benedict

Rooftop Soliloquy - Irene Suchocki

Falling Cloud - Etsy seller Luckyhemlock
Black Bear #1 - Nine Francois - Oswald Gallery

August Shimmer - Karen Stastny - Cole Pratt Gallery

Do you like any of the above? Hate any of them? Which one(s) would you pick to live with? I like all of them, however, if I had to choose (and money was no object, of course) I'd pick the the Black Bear and Sally Benedict's Aloe.

If you aren't so keen on any of the above, please share some art or the names of artists that you love. I'm always eager to discover new ones!


  1. i love the sally king benedict painting. gorgeous use of colors. i love abstract paintings, contemporary art like Banksy, classic pieces like Rene Magritte. i have a pretty eclectic taste. i love urban street art, urban toys like Dunny's & work by Tara McPherson. i collect them. i'm a painter and i majored in graphic design and art history so my tastes are really broad.

  2. I would also pick the Black Bear (I love animals and that bear looks so thoughtful. I'd also love to have August Shimmer. It is beautiful and the colors would be great in my family room.

  3. I love "Falling Cloud" just because it goes with my color scheme and I have just the right spot for it! :) They are all really nice.

  4. I've been coveting the Christian Chaize print for like...ever. I even grilled the 20X200 gallery employee for 20 mins about him at Art Basel this year.

    The painting with the red in it is haunting...in a good way.

  5. Hi Kyle, I'm a long-time reader, first-time poster. Love the Sally King Benedict piece! Love all of these really. Based on your previous posts about artists, I think you'd be interested in Erin Chance Fenstermaker's work. She's a young artist from my home town in Louisiana. Her pieces are colorful, fluid and modern like the ones here but still appeal to more traditional/transitional design sensibilities (like mine). Nice price point too. Her abstract landscapes and Cloud Games series are my favorite! Check her out...http://www.erinchancefenstermaker.com.

  6. The first 4 images are my favorite. I love the abstract painting the best, they have a more delicate feel.


  7. I actually have a piece by Sally King Benedict and love it. She uses wonderful colors which can be used in almost any setting. I'm also partial to the Piquina and Rooftop photo because of the unusual serenity of the pieces.

  8. I love abstract art so I'd choose the first or last one...I love beautiful photography but I think instead I'd use some of my own...even if it weren't as good it would evoke a memory which is another great thing about art - when it brings about emotion! Interesting and beautiful post - lots to think over!


  9. I love Praia Piquinia by Christian Chaize, but of course I also love Sally's piece!

  10. I love the first four, not a fan of the black bear or the red one.

  11. I so love Praia Piquinia, on the top of my "want" list!


  12. i love the one from etsy and the karen stastny. you know, the movement from the last 5-10 years thats slightly abstract and slightly impressionistic with bold and off-set colors? a la everyones fave obsession michelle armas…

    i love those types.

  13. I love them! I actually have the Christian Chaize beach photo above my fireplace

    Luella & June

  14. LOVE Aloe! I don't like the red one, but I really don't like red in any application.