Lamp Mate Found at the Foundary!

I'm so excited that I was able to purchase a mate for my new aqua glass lamp on the Foundary today! I've been stalking my local HomeGoods hoping to to find one and I was just about to give up on the mission when I clicked through from my daily sale announcement and stumbled upon the lamp in the Artisan Lamp event. Here is my lamp in the guest room....

They also have a 28 inch Crystal Balustrade Lamp that looks really similar to the pair that I have in my bedroom.

The Foundary has all kinds of wares for home. You might recall that I ordered my pretty Arzu rug from the Foundary back in March...

Anyhow, they have great stuff and fabulous prices so be sure to become a member and keep an eye on their sales!


  1. Thats so awesome, I love your lamps. I will have to check out the sale!


  2. I thought of you when I saw the Foundary email today! Love your blog. Thanks for fantastic ideas.

  3. I love the foundary! great finds.

    thanks, Leticia

  4. love your lamps!!! FYI there is a greek key sale going on at Joss & Main today...I know you love your greek keys!!!!

  5. Kyle, you're a life (&time) saver. I have been looking for a lamp like this for a girls room. I have also been to every home goods in my area. The lampshades are always goofy. Thank you!!