A Little Bit of Christmas at Our House

Not going to lie...I did not put 100% effort into decorating for Christmas this year. We aren't hosting any parties at the house and my schedule has been so full that it just wasn't a huge priority. Nonetheless, I still did a tiny bit of trimming...

In the den, I got out my mini white tree that has cute little turquoise and silver ornaments...

And a huge wreath hangs over the mirror...it was hard to get a good pic of this but it looks really pretty at night because of the reflection. I used large frosted globe lights from Target.

Close up of the little mini...

In the front, I used a lit magnolia garland and waxed pinecone wreath...

Birch spray...

The way-too-skinny tree and some cinnamon pinecones...

I'll confess that I didn't even get out all of the ornaments...such a Grinch, right?? I did put my favorites on the tree though, including this hand-blown glass one...

So there is Christmas-lite at the Knight house! Nothing too exciting or elaborate. Next year maybe I'll do better when I'm not preoccupied with pool construction drama!

What about your holiday decor...did you go all out this year? Buy anything new?


  1. You have perfected the art of simple decor! I love it! I love how you draped the magnolia garland across the entry table. I might have to use that idea next year!

  2. Your home is STUNNING!!! I'm may just be in love!
    I also think it's just the right amount of Christmas decor too!

  3. No grinch on your end. Your 50% effort is still better then most people's 100% effort! It looks beautiful, Kyle.

  4. Well, this is so fabulous I just don't have words. If this is not 100%, I cannot imagine what would be! I just love everything...so elegant.

  5. Simple but very pretty. You did more than I did :)

  6. I love your taste for sober, chic and sophisticated decor. May I publish some of your photos on my blog?

  7. Kyle! Your house looks so beautiful! I love the wreath hanging over the mirror!

  8. I love the simplicity, especially of "Christmas" colors not taking over the place.

    Merry Christmas Kyle!



  9. I never get tired of seeing pictures of your home! So beautiful!

  10. Your home is so lovely! I also love how your photos turn out. What camera do you use? I'm looking for a new one. Thanks! Michelle

  11. amazing! I just adore your house and it looks so great all festive!