Color Obsession - Warm Red

I've always loved oranges, corals, pinks, and reds and lately I've been so drawn to a color that combines that whole tonal range. You could call it a variety of things (neon saffron or hot coral, perhaps?) but Pantone's label is warm red, so I'll go with that. Here are some buyables along with the Pantone swatch to give you a visual of what I'm talking about:

XOXO Acrylic Occasional Table Red - Alexandra Von Furstenberg --- Hand Printed Cotton Fabric - Etsy - $9.50
Per Lutken Bulge Vase - Etsy - $190 --- Backgammon Set - Barney's - $795 --- Painting - Emily Rickard
Afghan Turkoman Runner - Oak Park Antiques - $1,195 --- Kim Seybert Latticed Cocktail Napkin - Barney's - $12

As you can see, the color is super saturated and bright and it looks amazing against dark hues like navy blue and brown and with neutral shades like camel and ivory. I like it alongside navy so much that I'm considering painting a vanity with warm red lacquer to go in my newly blue bedroom. I picked up this nail polish (Revlon Fearless 640) in case I want to do a color match...

What do you think about the color? It's definitely not for the faint of heart!

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  1. Loved, These oranges are even a gorgeous color! The objects saomaximo! Like your blog!!