Good Dog Art by Clair Hartmann

I am a dog person and an art person, but I don't have any dog art on our walls. Well, that's going to change one day soon because I plan to commission the very talented artist Clair Hartmann to paint my three Jack Russell terriers (or at least, I told my husband that this is a gift I'd like to receive). Clair is my #1 pick for dog portraits because she is very skilled from a technical perspective, and more importantly, she is brilliant at depicting the unique personality of each pooch. She paints quite a few JRTs and every depiction of the breed shows an inherent habit, expression, or mannerism that I know and love. After seeing her oeuvre, I'm confident that Ms. Hartmann is capable of fully capturing the spirit of my crazy trio of terriers.

Clair is also my artist of choice because I want to support her and her generous efforts to contribute to dog rescue. As you'll see below Clair donates proceeds from the sales of many of her pieces to various rescue groups. She also recently adopted a Jack/Rat terrier mix and I am forever grateful for those who take in shelter dogs.

My favorite pieces are her portraits that show the dog wearing a funny hat. This is how I want my girls painted...it'll be fun to decide what sort of hat each should don. I want Jazzy to wear a vintage Las Vegas showgirl headpiece. Maybe a jeweled crown and ermine robe on Wendy? Perhaps a geisha wig and a kimono on Miley?

Until I have three of my own to show you, here are a few of Clair's greatest hits...

Red Turban - 19x24" - signed print

Lucinda - 12x16" - oil on wood panel

Sir Hubert - 12x16" - oil on panel

Chiquita Banana - 30x30" - oil on canvas

All That Jazz - 16x24" - oil on fabric panel
Frida Dog - 24x36" - signed print

And here are a few beautiful paintings of canines without hats...
Lady Dane - oil on canvas panel

Jack Russell Terrier Sleeping in Morning Sunbeam
Desire - 36x36" - signed print
Looking Back - oil painting

Boston on Blue - 14x11" - oil on canvas
25% of the sale goes to Boston Terrier Rescue of North Carolina

Isn't her work amazing? If you're not dog-obsessed like I am, keep in mind that she paints other subjects as well. You can keep up with Clair Hartmann's latest work via her Etsy shop and her blog. And if you're not in the market for an original piece or a print, then you can buy Faithful, an art calendar comprised of Clair's dog paintings, for about $25. And you can buy one of her books...I plan to get:

All proceeds are donated to Adopt-an-Angel


  1. Ms Hartmann's pet portraits are awesome! I have paintings of two of my beloved bulldogs hanging in my house. They add a very personal touch along with the other art work. I also like Matt Moffett's pet portraits. He lives in my home town and I have seen his works on display. They are amazing!

  2. omg!!!! I think Pickles, our pup, needs his portarait made!!!! So cute! Thanks for the intro!xoxo

  3. Thank you so much for the post on my paintings!!

  4. These kill me! They are amazing. They instantly put a smile on my face.
    Like everyone else, thanks for sharing these photos.
    Definitely post yours when your hubby buys you one of your sweeties.


  5. Oh wow, I love them! I will head over to Etsy right now!!
    Thanks for sharing.

  6. I love the painting of the Boston Terrier. These are one of my favorite breeds of dogs. Thanks for sharing all this gorgeous art - it made me smile!