Reasonable Rug Resources

Rug purchases often make people wince because high price tags aren't uncommon. And with pets and kids, many aren't willing to put anything too precious or expensive on the floor because it will surely see abuse. If the budget allows, I will always argue that high quality, hand-knotted wool rugs are amongst the toughest textiles out there...there's a reason why decades-old antique Persian/Turkish rugs are still alive and kickin'. They are tough as nails. But, those kinds of rugs can cost tens if not hundreds of thousands of dollars and for most folks finding something that is durable and affordable is the real key.

Well, durability is certainly a relative factor and I won't bore you with my long-winded thoughts on the matter right now. The gist of my spiel is to buy woven or knotted natural fiber rugs. As far as composition goes, avoid viscose/poly, and other synthetics and for construction, I'm not a huge fan of tufted or hooked options. Flatweaves are all the rage these days because they are so cheap, but keep in mind that they may take some time (or ironing) to lay flat and depending on the weight, you'll probably need to rig something to the corners so they don't curl up.

And with those points made, let's move on to sources for affordable rugs. Here are some of my favorites, beginning with Lulu & Georgia. L&G is a darling web boutique that carries a wide selection of fabulous and inexpensive rugs. I especially love the ones by Alix Soubiran (the first one shown below) and these other picks:

Two of my other favorite sources are actually kids' retailers! Despite their juvenile focus, both The Land of Nod and RH Baby & Child stock some rather modern and/or sophisticated looking styles. Land of Nod is definitely more punchy and fun while RH offers more muted, low-key looks...

Other good places to look include:
West Elm (they're having a 20% off rug sale right now!)

Any sources I'm forgetting about? Do share...


  1. I have a Crate and Barrel rug that has held up nicely, although the first several months drove me crazy with the shedding wool. But we were looking for softness underfoot and we definitely got it!

  2. Gorgeous rug picks! It's an even bigger struggle for my clients here to find attractive options so I was so glad when I found some suppliers to bring me pieces from India. Rugs are always a tricky one, and a lot of people don't appreciate the difference it can make to a room! xx

    Anna (My Design Ethos)

  3. Can I tell you how much I love every rug by lulu and Georgia -- can't get enough and I need a new rug - how am I going to choose??

  4. With spring here, I've sent all my good rugs to be cleaned and have nothing but bare wooden floors. It's a good time to reassess their placement and purchase some new ones. Thanks for the ideas, although I love them all and I can see making a decision is going to be impossible. Beautiful!

  5. This is so helpful! We're redoing an entire apartment in NYC and need lots of rugs for different rooms. Thanks for sharing! Do you have any experience/feedback on Rugs USA? They have some great deals...but I wonder how the rugs hold up?

  6. Lovely porn for the rug obsessed here! Have a great weekend.
    xo Nancy

  7. Rug studio. I'm a big fan of dash and Alberts outdoor rugs. RS offers free shipping and no sales tax.

  8. I can certainly understand the worry of having an expensive rug with children and many pets. We really have a problem with curling up. I love some of these colors and designs. I really like the Land of Nod rugs as I think they would really stand out in a room.

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