Cabinet Hardware: Finding the Right Mix

As you probably noticed yesterday, my office cabinets are naked. At least in terms of hardware. My decision making process on the matter has been woefully delayed, partially because I'm waiting on my desk, but mostly because I haven't had time to figure it out. The desk will have nickel plated legs that look somewhat like this...

So, nickel is definitely in the mix of finishes. The sputnik chandelier that is currently hanging has a chrome finish, however, I might be changing that. I really want to use a fixture that combines gold/brass tones and nickel/silvers ones. Currey & Company's Allusion chandelier is a favorite, but it hangs long so it might not work. 

And I plan to install a picture light at the top of the center cavity in the cabinet unit, so that finish needs to be taken in consideration as well. I'll probably use Circa's 30" Cabinet Maker's Picture light in Polished Nickel...

With all that in mind, I have decided to use brass pulls and knobs to provide some contrast. I don't want everything in the room to be monotone silver/gray! So, here are some of the options I've been considering...
1) Hexagonal Faceted Handle Pull - Nest Studio
2) Pyramid Cabinet Knob with Backplate - Rejuvenation
3) 6" Modern Pull No. 73850 P.E. Guerin
4) Brass and Acrylic Handle
 - Nest Studio

1) Gothic Cabinet Knob No. 73300 - P.E. Guerin
2) 5" Bar Pull in Brushed Brass - Lewis Dolin
3) 3" Mission Style Solid Brass Ring Pull (Antique Brass finish)
4) Cabinet Bar Pull, 5 in. - Harney Hardware
5) Mission D Drawer Pull - Rejuvenation

1) Continental Cabinet Pull 8" C to C - Allied Brass via Wayfair
2) Mission D Pull with Backplate - Rejuvenation
3) Solid Brass Faceted Knob - Nest Studio
4) 3" on Center Square Glass Cabinet Handle with Solid Brass Base - House of Antique Hardware

Brass is tough because it's not a finish that is consistent across manufacturers (like polished nickel, for example). As you saw above, there is a lot of variance in the tone and texture, so I'd recommend sticking with one maker or getting samples prior to ordering.

Anyhow, over the weekend I photoshopped hardware options into a pic of the cabinets to help narrow down the possibilities. Here are a few of the mock-ups...

Artwork - Louisa by Michelle Armas

 These are the Mission D Pull with Backplates...
Artwork - Louisa by Michelle Armas
Artwork - Louisa by Michelle Armas
 Pyramids + Rings
Artwork - Louisa by Michelle Armas

Rings + simple bar pulls
Artwork - Louisa by Michelle Armas

The Pyramid knobs and Mission pulls from Rejuvenation are definitely more budget friendly than my other favorites from P.E. Guerin and Nest Studio, so I'll probably end up using some combination of those. I guess I could  get samples of ALL of them so I could play with the mix in person.

Also, In the mock-ups I included a painting called Louisa by Michelle Armas that I'd LOVE to get for the space. I also put a polished nickel picture light in there to show what that finish looks like near the brass.

What do you think? Any big opinions or preferences?


  1. i love the first one!

    1. That's what I leaning towards!

  2. Love all your choices and I especially like those with a bit of lucite but you might want to dress up that gorgeous desk with something unique from Martin Pierce Hardware Ergo or Morphic line.

  3. The 1st one also!

    Your post inspired me to do my own version as it is what I am enamored with at the moment.

  4. so funny I just purchased 12 of those large brass ring pulls for my library cabinets and I love them!!! But all the hardware you posted is great!!!

  5. I like Option number Two! I have the Bar Pulls in brushed brass, the edges can be sharp, fyi.


  6. I really like the first and last option!! Can I ask the name of your wallpaper? I'm looking for something similar! Thanks!