On the Hunt for Josef Frank Substitutes

A friend of mine is wanting to have some curtains and pillows made for his sunroom. He loves Josef Frank fabrics, but like most of us, $300 per yard isn't a palatable price point. I've been looking for some cheaper alternatives and haven't come up with many good options.

Here's the real deal...absolutely gorgeous!

I think that he could get a similar affect from either Celerie Kemble's Hot House or Chiang Mai Dragon, which are both by Schumacher. They are a little less fun and whimsical, but still offer lots of color and energy. Unfortunately, they are pretty pricey per yard too.

Pillows could be purchased from Etsy and it's possible that an Etsy seller could make the curtains too.

By the way, I'm LOVING the new mocha colorway and I desperately want to find a place for this lumbar pillow...I'm thinking it will go in the large guest room.

Pottery Barn had a fabric called Serafina that would've worked pretty well. I created a fun mood board around it for Nate Berkus Day a while back. It's such a fun, colorful print but sadly, it's no longer available.

Alternative options that are not quite cutting it...


MAJKEN Fabric 

Do you have any sources for Josef Frank-esque fabric? If so, please send them my way! Since there seems to be a dearth of options, I might try to design my own on Spoonflower :)


  1. Check out LSfabrics.com Their style# 20986 (under the florals). If I think of any others I'll post them. :)

  2. This is a pretty close match...


  3. Svensk tenn is a Swedish interior design store founded in 1924. Josef Frank worked for Svensk tenn after he left Hitler's Germany to become a Swedish citizen. They're the best source for Frank's designs.


    You can get the pattern you showed in linen or cotton (cheaper). The cotton version costs about 117 dollar yard/meter. But you have to have it shipped from Sweden ;)

  4. Calico Corners has a new section posted, where I found this:


    Very similar to the Pottery Barn fabric that's not available anymore!

  5. Hi Kyle,
    I love your post about Josef Frank fabrics. The original fabric is so beautiful and hard to find great copies of. On Sweden's version of craig's list you can find lots of vintage large remnants, curtains, furniture with it on etc. Not sure if you'll be able to read the language but you here is a link to one. http://tinyurl.com/397f6lp
    good luck! Jill

  6. Having traveled to the Scandinavian countries I am surprised at the price point on these items. The Swedes are simple people. (My niece played on the Swedish Women's Soccer team.)

    Textile arts (http://txtlart.com/) have plenty of Scandinavian style fabrics for under $50 you could use for curtains. I would head to Pier1 and buy the pillows. They have plenty of comparable prints on close out right now.

    You are aware that most of Joseph Frank's career was spent designing low end public housing? Have you seen his contributions to the Weissenhof Estate? Not pretty.

  7. Karen Jordan - Not everything designed by Swedes have IKEA-prices ;)

    Kyle - If you want Josef Frank textiles sent to you from Sweden I'm more than happy to help you. Maybe your friend can wallpaper a room with a Frank pattern?

  8. Serafina is definitely the best alternative...could you maybe find several yards of it on Etsy or Ebay???

  9. So, I think I've commented twice now on this post but I just ran across this fabric and it's a great alternative! http://www.calicocorners.com/product/designer+fabrics+for+the+home/shop+by+pattern/floral+and+foliage/wilmington+multi.do

  10. This looks similar to the print you mentioned liking from PB and the price is great.

    I've seen it in person and it's very vibrant and fun.


  11. Ive only seen similar ones on Etsy...yowza $300/yard. AND you know you can barely cover anything with one yard...


  12. Your home is very beautiful. I also love your blog! You have a great eye...