Accidental Fabric Pairing

Last week I had a bunch of fabric samples out on the sofa in my den because it's a good place to look at them in natural light. During the process, I couldn't help but notice that Quadrille's Henriot Floral (in Blues on Ecru) fabric looked pretty amazing on my sofa with my embroidered Greek key pillow. It was inadvertently placed near Schumacher's Chiang Mai in China Blue and it looked pretty amazing with that too. So I decided to play dress up with my pillows and show you the pairing...

The Henriot Floral also looked cute near my cloisonne lamp...

Quadrille is annoyingly stingy with their sample cuts. As you can see from the above, the sample is less than 14" square which makes it impossible to see the whole repeat, especially with a design like Henriot Floral. In the HF sample I have, you can't even see the main floral design. So to give you a better idea of what you actually get when you order yardage, here are more images of the fabric in use...
All images from Quadrille.com, the blue chair is from Southern Accents, the dining area is from Coastal Living, and the pink bedroom was designed by Judy Cormier 
The Henriot Floral is pretty, isn't it? It's amazing how different my sample looks from the full repeat. I still like the cropped section that my sample shows though because it's not as in-your-face as the main floral is. 

What's you favorite colorway? I like the blues, the turquoise, and the pink.

Also, my Greek key pillow shown in the first set of photos is no longer available, but if you're looking to buy something similar, check out my friend Abbe's site Shop Ten 25. She has lots of great options like these...


  1. Looks fabulous! It always amazes me how different chiang Mai dragon looks in the blue colourway. By the way, I love your living room - so gorgeous!!!

  2. Funny I was thinking I didn't like the Henriot Floral that much in your sample, but I love the in-your-face pattern for drapes or that gorgeous chair!

  3. the pairing looks fabulous on your sofa, with the lamps in the background, perfect! :)

  4. Anna - I love the bolder, "in-your-face" part of the pattern too :)

  5. The prints on those pillows and that coral and blue lamp are stunning!!