Low Cost, Low Risk Colorful Accents

I'm a big fan of neutral upholstery mixed with jolts of color. Especially when you're buying upholstered furniture that needs to stick around for a while, this is the best strategy. By keeping investment pieces classic and neutral, you can be daring with less expensive and easily changeable items like pillows and lamps. Bold, colorful accessories, accent furniture, and artwork can really bring a room to life so don't fret if your staple pieces seem a bit ho-hum.

I have a war chest full of resources for these sorts of accents and one that I routinely check is Urban Outfitters. They have inexpensive "apartment" goods and some are rather stylish while others are not what I'd put in my house. Anyhow, there are diamonds in the rough and on my last visit I spotted this fun yellow floor lamp. With a great vintage aesthetic and wild color, I knew that it would come in handy for a future project. I can totally see this by a glider in a nursery or I also like it in a fresh, modern (kinda girly) living area like this...
Vintage Floor Lamp - Urban Outfitters
Journey - Acrylic on canvas by Jen Ramos - Cocoa and Hearts
Hutton Chaise - Room & Board
Nixon Throw - Jonathan Adler

Here's the same room with a different pillow and throw...which option do you like better?

Quatrefoil Pillow - COCOCOZY
Persian Charm Green Throw - Sabira Home

I also ran across these two inexpensive side tables on the UO site. I think they're pretty cute...I really love the green one!
Coil Side Table - Urban Outfitters
Silver Leaf Side Table - Urban Outfitters

Do you ever shop Urban Outfitters for decor? As you might know, they are owned by the same company as Anthropologie so UO is kind of like Anthro's funky, thriftier sister ;)


  1. Fabulous little vignettes! Thanks for turning me on to Jen Ramos' artwork. I love it!

    I bought my upholstered headboard at UO a few years back. It was a purchase I really agonized over---my old bed was a family hand-me-down and I felt guilty buying something new. But I'm so glad I did! I really love it and it feels like "me."

    You can see it here:

  2. I totally agree with you on using a neutral piece of furniture and adding pops of color through accessories. I personally love the second option.

    Kristy from www.idesignlove.com