After Florence, Head to Coppola's Palazzo Margherita

After daydreaming about the Ferragamo family's Lugarno Collection on Friday, I ran across an article from the WSJ Magazine called The Court of Coppola. The story, by Rita Konig, focuses on Francis Ford Coppola's latest and swankiest addition to his collection of global hotels. Called the Palazzo Margherita, the totally renovated 19th century residence is located in Bernalda, a town in Southern Italy. Coppola recruited renowned Parisian interior designer Jacques Grange to lead the restoration project.

Jacques Grange is known for his imaginative, eclectic, multi-dimensional aesthetic. For the palazzo, he dreamed up a "summer palace" theme and created a really unique place that is an exuberant concoction of of history, diverse cultures, colors, and even modern technology (every room has Apple TV and the tile floors are heated). Coppola family members got to have input on the design of their bedrooms which further contributes to the palazzo's residential feel.

In typical European fashion, so many of the finishes and materials used were created or painstakingly restored by hand. Trompe l'oeil, intricate tile work, hand-blown Murano chandeliers, and priceless antiques are everywhere and as a result, it looks like a really special place.

Here are a few of my favorite images from the write-up...

Photo by James Merrell via WSJ Magazine

Photo by James Merrell via WSJ Magazine

Photo by James Merrell via WSJ Magazine

Coppola remarked that the palazzo is about family, eating well, and being together. The history and outstanding design of the place make it the perfect setting for those simple things. I know that I can imagine my family hanging out there and having a pretty fantastic time!

Be sure to click through to the WSJ article because it's full of information about the history of the estate and Coppola's family connection to the region. There are also more photos and details about the different rooms in the palazzo.

What do you think of the Palazzo Margherita? I'd like to see more photos, and of course, check it out in person one day. I've never stayed at a Coppola resort. Have you?


  1. Stunning! I am in love with the blue chevron floor :)


  2. The floor and the hand painting on the walls are incredible! Thanks for sharing!