New Thibaut Wallpaper Crushes

Thibaut just released a new collection of wallpapers called Geometric Resource and I'm really loving it. Of course, there are a few that standout to me and they are EtoshaMedina, and Merrill. The neutral colorways are my favorites (especially greys and whites) because the geometric patterns balance well with those. The look is understated, but still stylish and fun. Take a look...

Etosha in Grey

What do you of the Geometric Resource collection? Did you like any of the ones above? I'm pretty obsessed with Etosha, the dramatic zebra one, and I adore Medina in the white colorway.

Are you on board with the wallpaper mania that's been going on over the past few years? I love wallpaper, but it's definitely expensive and more of a commitment than paint is. Despite those factors, it can totally be worth it!


  1. I literally just posted about Jonathan Adler Greek Key wallpaper this morning! I'm mid-decision on what to do with my dining room walls. Loving these Thibauts though! Maybe a new option for me!!

  2. These wallpapers are gorgeous! Just my style!

  3. These are stunning! The Etosha pattern is my favorite!

  4. ooohh...I like the Merrill!! pretty and delicate.

  5. Dahhling I too absolutely love "etosha"..just gorgeous!

  6. I love all of these! Boy is this line so much more modern for them. LOVE