Jonathan Adler's Latest

Just when I think I'm tired of seeing Jonathan Adler goods (they are EVERYWHERE now), JA puts out some irresistible new buyables and I'm sucked back into the love affair. Here are the recent releases that top my list:

The new colors of Bargello pillows are really fun. I especially like the blue/pink/orange color palette because it's playful but not too over the top. I'd use it for an adult space but it would also be really cute for a playroom or a nursery.

I'm also madly in love with the Channing Three Drawer Console. The lucite and polished nickel knobs are bananas. Besides serving as a console, I also think this piece would make a fantastic vanity or a slim desk. Here it is in a mod JA-tastic vignette, which I love aside from the scary devil lamps...

Are you loving of Jonathan Adler's new wares? Do you like JA style in general?

Adler has created a brand with a carefree, vivacious aesthetic and I'm drawn to that, the vivid colors, and the mid-century influence. Despite the overexposure of the brand, I'll always love it!


  1. I think Jonathon Adler is one of the most unique designers out there! I love his clean, modern, quirky decorations and furniture! Great post :)!

  2. Kyle - those colorways and that pillow totally look right up your alley. Look like your office rug. Go for it!


  3. Has JA ever put his name on something that wasn't fabulous?! I'd love to play in his brain for a day.

  4. I love his style, the color combinations and his humor!

  5. that bottom pic is so great! The pillows look similair to past ones but I sill love them. I could not agree more. Just when I am getting tired of his stuff (except when I go in the JA store!) he comes out with new designs that are sensational!

  6. The white stools are fantastic! I love the green too.