Home Goods Tidbits

We had a very productive weekend at the Knight House...we put up crown molding in a guest bedroom and bathroom! I need to paint and will post pics of the whole shebang tomorrow.

Until then, here are some snapshots of cute stuff I saw at Home Goods on Saturday.As always, such cute lamps...and dirt cheap!

I'd paint this...but it has great lines and is small enough to be very multifunctional (i.e. nightstand, entry table, side table, etc.)

Love the above as mini bachelor's chests!Again, with some spray paint, this chair could get really cute!Stylish option for a TV and other electronics.
ORANGE bordered jute rug, love it.I swear I've seen this piece at Horchow or Gump's - great lacquer etagere.


Dog Friendly Living, etc.

With four dogs cruising the Knight house...I do lots of vacuuming...with the help of Roomba. What the Roomba can't vacuum is the couch. So, this Crypton Super Throver is about to get purchased as a weapon in my battle against dog hair. I love the cute fabric and it sounds like the function could even outshine the form.
In other purchasing news, we finally bit the bullet and bought a new tv for the den. At 55" it's the biggest tv I'll ever want! Maybe I won't have to wear my glasses now to properly see the dresses on Project Runway :) It will also come in handy for football season.

Further, I ordered new dining room chairs and have begun talks with a local furniture fabricator about making the table. End result will look something like this (sorry for the lack of photo credits...I have got to start labeling my screenshots!):
Other items in the shopping lineup include:
Hydrangea wreath for front doorFretwork mirror from HorchowCUTE bowls from Anthro

Lacquer moose head from Z Gallerie for study. Random, I know - but for some reason, I love it!


Concrete lights?!?

So cool!These would be really great in a restaurant or retail space.

Check them out here (and also see pics of how each of the above is made...it's amazing): Benjamin Hubert Studio


Gifties from Katie & Co.

My wonderful cousin owns the greatest stationery store, Katie & Co. in Houston. It's located in such a cool area on Washington Ave and she did an outstanding job on the interior of the store as you can see in the photos below and check out more here:

She obviously has great taste and thus you can imagine my excitement when I get goodies in the mail from Katie & Co! I share my cousin's love for paper goods (especially LETTERPRESS) and she totally indulges me with the latest and greatest. Today I received an amazing gift set from Elum...
Orange and the perfect shade of robin's egg blue...LOVE IT!! And it goes with my awesome orange roses - even better :) I want to keep this on display on my desk - too bad that's kind of a weird thing to do.Elum postcards. Stripes and harlequin print - out of control cute. To top it off, the colors are lime green and pink. Maybe if you're lucky, you will receive of one of these from yours truly!

Thanks Katie!!This is a sample of the store proprietor's personal stash of stationery. I am in love with every detail...the monogram, the color combination (yellow and gray), and pattern, the gray envelope and of course, it's letterpress! Call the store and order some...would make a great gift for someone who has everything or just yourself :)Hella cute monogram...reminds me of the many items at Leotine Linens that I would sell my kidney for!


A few steps forward

...and a few back, of course! Step forward - the fabulous Sputnik chandelier (above) got hung in the study over the long weekend. Step back - we also hung another chandelier in our bedroom and then realized that it wasn't right for the space and had to take it down.
Step forward - I got a full line of the vintage Arts & Architecture mags on the wall. Step back - I need to get 3 more up there and didn't get the job done!

Pretty roses...


If only I...

a) win the lottery
b) deal drugs
or c) sell my organs or offspring...maybe then I'll be able to remodel my kitchen and incorporate some ideas from the pics below.

Since we were in town for the weekend and for once had no obligations, I did some cooking and began to identify a few shortfalls of my kitchen. There are countless things that I love about it, but the functionality is lacking (and frankly, so is the form in some respects). It won't be anytime soon, but at some point I'd love to refresh.

All images are from my kitchen inspiration photo file, and unfortunately I wasn't diligent in collecting the sources. My apologies!

Soapstone counters paired with a gorgeous grey mini subway tile

Designed by Brooke Gianetti
Note the rounded corner shelves on the cabinets near the window...also, such great barstools. Same kitchen below...
Designed by Brooke Gianetti
Second shot of the kitchen. I would kill for a) the high ceilings + library ladder b) vent hood c) double islands. This is probably my favorite!

Designed by Tim Clarke

Designed by Tim Clarke

Designed by Windsor Smith

So sorry that the pics aren't credited, post a comment if you know the info. I obviously admire the work and would love to give kudos where it's due!