Ceramic Bliss

Yesterday, a lovely reader passed on a link to a gorgeous chevron-patterned ginger jar (aka tibor) from Emilia Ceramics. I adore ceramic pieces, so after oogling over the ZigZag Tibor, I proceeded to browse the rest of their merchandise and I found some great stuff. All colorful and unique, these pieces would definitely add a dose personality to a space.

Tibores - I want them all!

They make lamps out of them too...genius.

Other pretty things found on the site...

Capelo Canister - This would fit perfectly in my last bathroom mood board!


I love their planters. I'm always so disappointed by the lackluster styles that I usually see at garden stores, so these are a breath of fresh air. Now I only wish they would make larger ones so I can get some for our front porch!

What do you think? Any favorite pieces or patterns?
Thanks for the link Tori :)


  1. I saw these not long ago and have been wanting the blue zig zag one sooooooooo bad!

  2. Wow I love all of this! It is beautiful. I especially like the lamp and the chevron stripe ginger jar. I am going to go check out their site now...thank you!