New Thibaut Wallpaper Crushes

Thibaut just released a new collection of wallpapers called Geometric Resource and I'm really loving it. Of course, there are a few that standout to me and they are EtoshaMedina, and Merrill. The neutral colorways are my favorites (especially greys and whites) because the geometric patterns balance well with those. The look is understated, but still stylish and fun. Take a look...

Etosha in Grey

What do you of the Geometric Resource collection? Did you like any of the ones above? I'm pretty obsessed with Etosha, the dramatic zebra one, and I adore Medina in the white colorway.

Are you on board with the wallpaper mania that's been going on over the past few years? I love wallpaper, but it's definitely expensive and more of a commitment than paint is. Despite those factors, it can totally be worth it!


After Florence, Head to Coppola's Palazzo Margherita

After daydreaming about the Ferragamo family's Lugarno Collection on Friday, I ran across an article from the WSJ Magazine called The Court of Coppola. The story, by Rita Konig, focuses on Francis Ford Coppola's latest and swankiest addition to his collection of global hotels. Called the Palazzo Margherita, the totally renovated 19th century residence is located in Bernalda, a town in Southern Italy. Coppola recruited renowned Parisian interior designer Jacques Grange to lead the restoration project.

Jacques Grange is known for his imaginative, eclectic, multi-dimensional aesthetic. For the palazzo, he dreamed up a "summer palace" theme and created a really unique place that is an exuberant concoction of of history, diverse cultures, colors, and even modern technology (every room has Apple TV and the tile floors are heated). Coppola family members got to have input on the design of their bedrooms which further contributes to the palazzo's residential feel.

In typical European fashion, so many of the finishes and materials used were created or painstakingly restored by hand. Trompe l'oeil, intricate tile work, hand-blown Murano chandeliers, and priceless antiques are everywhere and as a result, it looks like a really special place.

Here are a few of my favorite images from the write-up...

Photo by James Merrell via WSJ Magazine

Photo by James Merrell via WSJ Magazine

Photo by James Merrell via WSJ Magazine

Coppola remarked that the palazzo is about family, eating well, and being together. The history and outstanding design of the place make it the perfect setting for those simple things. I know that I can imagine my family hanging out there and having a pretty fantastic time!

Be sure to click through to the WSJ article because it's full of information about the history of the estate and Coppola's family connection to the region. There are also more photos and details about the different rooms in the palazzo.

What do you think of the Palazzo Margherita? I'd like to see more photos, and of course, check it out in person one day. I've never stayed at a Coppola resort. Have you?


Lungarno Luxury

On my honeymoon I was fortunate enough to stay at the Hotel Lungarno in Florence. I looked it up a few days ago when I was prepping yesterday's post on upholstered beds because I loved the headboard in the room we stayed in. Well, I got sucked into the site and ended up flipping through the photo gallery that showcases every property in the Lungarno Collection.

Here's my husband chillin' on our room's patio overlooking the Ponte Vecchio...

Located in Florence, Rome, and Tuscany, the Lungarno Collection is comprised of luxury hotels, residences and villas, and a yacht. Led by Leonardo Ferragamo (Salvatore's son), each part of the collection was created to reflect Florentine style, culture, taste, creativity, craftsmanship, and passion. Ferragamo enlisted the prowess of famed Florentine architect Michele Bönan (who also designed the J.K. Place Capri) to execute his vision. The properties are unique but they all share a consistent level of taste and comfortable ambience.

I know that when we were at the Lungarno Hotel, it felt beautiful and luxurious but also very warm and inviting, like a home. The common areas had none of the typical grand hotel vapidity or stuffiness to them. All of the details and unique accents in the decor make it seem like you're in someone's living room and that atmosphere is so refreshing when you're in a foreign country. It's one of the few hotels I've stayed in where I wanted to hang out in those areas because it felt like an extension of our room instead of "public territory."

Anyhow, here are some photos of the exquisite properties of the Lungarno Collection...

Hotel Lungarno Lobby Area
This is pretty much what our room looked like. I was crazy about the brass window hardware, the navy-bordered draperies, and the bed...
Hotel Lungarno suite
This bathroom was amazing...some of the other hotels we stayed at in Italy didn't have proper showers and this one was outstanding.
Hotel Lungarno bathroom

Borgo San Jacopo restaurant overlooking the Arno

Bönan used tons of beautifully framed works on paper throughout the Hotel Lungarno...
Lounge Bar Picteau at the Hotel Lungarno
Comfy but sleek library...
Gallery Hotel Art library
The entrance to the Portrait Suites is conveniently located right next to Ferragamo :)

Bönan obviously loves picture lights and I love him for that...
Borgo San Jacopo restaurant

I love the gray wool flannel upholstery and draperies against the creamy white paneled walls...
Borgo San Jacopo restaurant

Continentale room
Those cocktail tables are topped with clocks...
Continentale Sky Bar rooftop

Rooftop terrace at the Continentale
Yoga on the rooftop terrace...sounds amazing, right? Well, gotta say Italian yoga gear is obviously MUCH different than it is in the US! Better pack some Lululemon and a proper mat ;)
Sky bar rooftop at the Contintale

This is so incredible. I could sit out here all night long...
Gallery Hotel Art private terrace
And all day long...
Gallery Hotel Art private terrace

Gallery Hotel Art private terrace

Portrait Suites terrace

Yet another killer view of the Arno...
Continentale Penthouse
Oh yeah, that's a view of the Duomo from the bathroom...
Continentale Penthouse
If this isn't the perfect white, then I don't know what is!
Gallery Hotel Art penthouse

Gallery Hotel Art room

Gallery Hotel Art bathroom

I love the vanity area in this room with the huge tri-panel mirror...
Portrait Suites Bedroom

Villa le Rose

Villa le Rose

Swan sailing yacht

Who wants to go to Italy now?? Have you stayed at any of the Lungarno Collection hotels? If I got to go back, it would be really hard to not stay at the Hotel Lungarno again, however, the terraces that the Continentale and the Gallery Hotel Art both have are seriously tempting. Which would you choose (pretending that money is no object, of course)?


Upholstered Bed Styles

Upholstered beds are everywhere and have been en vogue for a while. Although I typically grow tired of any trend that becomes ubiquitous, I still love a good upholstered bed/headboard. I prefer that beds look comfortable and cushy and a padded headboard wrapped in fabric contributes to that effect far more effectively than a hard wood or metal one. And being a person who sleeps in a bed with a soft, tufted headboard (and footboard), I can vouch for the fact that upholstered beds are more comfortable especially when you're propped up reading or watching TV.

I've been planning to get an upholstered bed made for the guest room since we moved in and it just never rose to the top of the priority list. I'm ready to finish that room up though, so it really needs to be ordered so that I can select fabric for the chair and the curtains in the room. Besides choosing fabric, I need to decide on what shape I want to use. I want something unique but also simple and timeless because it's not going to change for a long time! Here are some styles that I like:

 Channel tufted
Designed by Lynn Morgan

Nailhead border trim, Tower 20 - Bolsa Chica Bed by Tim Clarke via Dering Hall

Grid tufted, Rossmore Headboard by Empiric

Tufted with brass button detail and curved edges, Nickey Kehoe - Tufted Headboard via Dering Hall
Designed by Nickey Kehoe

Here's another tufted one with curved edges, but it has more modern lines. Plus it's from Z Gallerie and is thus a bit cheaper (considering you get a whole bed and not just the headboard).

Simple lacquered wood frame with unholstered inset cushion with cording, designed by David Kleinberg
Designed by David Kleinberg, via Architectural Digest
Moorish cut-out design accented with nailhead trim, Azure Headboard via Horchow

And finally, this one that I put together, uses a classic curved corner shape, Schumacher's Nanjing, a fun Chinoiserie print fabric, and a navy contrasting tape border.

With my budget, I'll probably go with the final option that I designed. Since I'm not the world's biggest fan of bedskirts, I'd either have an upholstered base with wood legs made or go with a ready-made (i.e. cheaper) frame from West Elm. If I use Nanjing for the headboard I'll probably upholster the wing chair with Alan Campbell's Kells II in French blue and navy (below). The curtains would be ivory bordered with the same navy tape that was used on the headboard.

Which bed/headboard from above do you like best? Are you a fan of upholstered beds/headboards?


2012 New Releases from Made Goods

I have fawned over Made Goods before and I'm going to do it again because they a) relaunched their website and it has been vastly improved, b) expanded their product line for 2012, and c) flat-out produce absolutely amazing things and should be commended for their efforts!

Made Goods has the coolest style and unparalleled quality of materials and craftsmanship. Their aesthetic blends lots of styles and is hard to categorize. You could call it funky, sophisticated, chic, exotic, natural...but definitely not boring or ordinary. In a world full of copycats (i.e. Wisteria and Ballard Designs), they really lead the pack and come up with fresh, inventive designs. Being someone that's always craving something novel, I appreciate their creative spirit and stellar execution of their vision. Here's a sampling of their creations...

I'm infatuated with Made Goods' interchangeable accent tables and tops. My favorite base is the Osten and I can't pick a top that I like best because they are all fab...

They've released new additions to their product lineup and many of them have made my covet list. there is lots of turquoise faux shagreen, inlaid bone detailing, and perfectly antiqued mirrored finishes. Have a look at some of my favorites...

I also adore the glitzy Paris mirror, which is encrusted with rhinestones. What are you lusting over? If you're itching to buy some of these lovely goodies, then head over to Clayton Gray. They carry a wide selection of the Made Goods line.