New Sofa!

This weekend a vintage sofa that I purchased months ago was delivered after its trip to the plastic surgeon. It will be used in my formal living room and is part of an impending new design plan for the space (it's been a long time coming).  The new sofa will be used in the area where two sofas were before...so I'm selling those on Craigslist right now to make room for the other elements.

I totally love the clean, mid-century style and I'm pretty happy with how the makeover turned out. My only minor complaint is that the down cushions are a tad full, but they will probably settle after some sitting. Here it is...

I don't know the manufacturer or designer for certain, but it looks similar to styles designed by T.H. Robsjohn-Gibbings, who is one of my furniture idols. I stalk his creations on 1stDibs and dream of hoarding them someday. His pieces are usually the perfect blend of classicism and modernity...

Offered by Gustavo Olivieri

Offered by Irwinfeld Design

Offered by Dragonette

Offered by Rumba
Offered by Dual

Oooh I am so obsessed with Robsjohn-Gibbings' stuff and could post 1,000 pics of pieces I'm lusting after, but don't worry. I'll cut myself off here. Back to my sofa. so, I choose a warm white linen with seafoam contrast cording to highlight the lines. I also had the frame stripped and ebonized. Here's what it looked like at Again & Again, where I bought it (pardon the horrible iPhone photo)...

And here's another pic of it in its current state...

I actually loved the ivory lacquer and the yellow upholstery, but neither were in good shape. Plus, like I said before, I wanted to highlight the lines of the sofa, and since the walls in the room are light, I wanted the contrast a dark frame would create. So, now I'm picking coordinating fabric for other pieces in the room. I had my heart set on Galbraith & Paul's Tulip in Mineral (on the far right) and their Fern in Cadet Blue, however, their lead time right now is like 12-16 weeks and I can't stand to wait that long! This room has been unfinished for years and I'm itching to get it done.

So, I'm now on the hunt for two other fun prints...preferably one that's multi-colored and hand-printed. I'm thinking about using a Katherine Rally design like one of these...

Upholstery done by Chairloom

I'll keep you posted!


New from Made Goods!

One of my absolute favorite purveyors of mirrors, lighting, furniture, and objets is Made Goods. They are always coming up with inventive new designs and they're known for using amazing materials and textures in their luxe product line.

Just yesterday, Made Goods released their latest wares, and as usual, there are plenty of lustworthy items in the mix. I'm pretty obsessed with faux shagreen because it looks amazing and wears really well, and they have some stunning new colors and pieces using that. And I've long been a fan of their Interchangeables, which is a collection of table bases and an assortment of tops that can be combined to create dozens of different table designs. In the new offering, MG has added some tops and bases to make the possibilities even more endless, so yay for that! I'm also really liking their new upholstered pieces, which are available in lots o' different finishes and fabrics/leathers.

Here are my faves from the new bunch...

Cool stuff, isn't it? If you're going to the New York International Gift Fair, be sure to stop by their booth at Pier 94 42030. Otherwise, you can shop Made Goods product at Clayton Gray.

Happy weekend!


Cute Bunk Beds + More from British Homes & Gardens

On Madeline Weinrib's Pinterest feed I saw the following photo from British Homes & Gardens and gasped. Are these not the cutest bunk beds ever? I just adore the sassy cut-out openings and I love how they are styled. The swing arm sconces, the striped drapery panel, and the chic little framed piece of art in the lower bunk all combine to make a bunk set that is sophisticated but still really cute!
Photo via British Homes & Gardens

I googled the mag and searched their site in an an attempt to find the designer information. While I failed to find that, I did run across a few other awesome spaces in the Bedroom photo section. Ironically, one is another red bedroom with twin beds and stripes...
Image via British Homes & Gardens

And the other is this awesome vintage display case that has been repurposed as a wardrobe in a bedroom. I think it looks pretty stinkin' cool...
Image via British Homes & Gardens

And I'm 99.9% sure this is Jenna Lyons' former bedroom, which has been featured everywhere...but I still like it!
Image via British Homes & Gardens

When I have more time, I want to click through more of the British Homes & Gardens site. British style is different than ours in the US in so many ways, and it's nice to see different perspectives in design.

Spotted on the WWW

A few things that have recently caught my eye while prowling the interwebs and I thought you might want to see them too...

2) Markos Hanging Shade - Circa Lighting - $1,260
5) Jaipur Urban Bungalow Doha Mango Flat Weave Rug - Zinc Door - starting at $70
6) Lamp Table - Vanguard
8) Bone Burst Chest - Zinc Door - $3992

Any favorite things? I'd be curious to see the green arm chair in person...I'm guessing that the quality isn't very high. I put it on here because I really like the green linen paired with the grey wood finish. And I'm dying to flip through the Inventing Abstraction book!


Val Day Picks in To & From

Have you checked out the Valentine's issue of To & From yet? My gift ideas for gals are located on pages 68-69 so click on over and take a look! Here's a snapshot of what I came up with...you'll have to go to the digital mag for the links though :)

Besides those things, I also thought of these items as gift possibilities...all of which are under $200:
4) Poppy Ring Bakeware - Anthropologie
5) Aliya Necklace - Etsy seller LoveObsessed
7) Tulip Slides - Kate Spade

Any favorites? What would you love to receive for V-day? I'm kind of lusting over the Herm├Ęs scarf and the succulent K planter in the To & From feature!


Travel Wish List: Delaire Graff Estate

A lovely South African reader was kind enough to email me some recs and tips after hearing about my impending journey to her beautiful country. One of the places she recommended was the Delaire Graff Estate in the Cape Winelands. And WOW - it looks absolutely spectacular!

This Relais & Chateaux hotel is owned by the chairman of Graff Diamonds International, so it's no surprise that Delaire Graff is all about luxury and enjoying the finest that life has to offer. Situated on an unbelievable piece of real estate in the Cape Winelands, the property boasts a stunning art collection, beautifully designed and cultivated gardens, bountiful vineyards, a top-notch winery, a gorgeous spa, and two restaurants that are surely outstanding. Needless to say, I want to go there and live like a diamond kingpin, if only for a day or two! Take a little tour with me...

So this is the Owner's Lodge, complete with a private pool and a completely idyllic view of the mountains and the vineyards...

I love the wood pool deck...

This is the lodge living room. It's sophisticated and stylish just not at all stuffy. I'm dying to know more about the flooring...

And here's a bathroom, and the only reason I'm showing it is because I like: a) the way the mirrors are hung b) the ledge above the counter and c) the long towel bar that runs across the front of the sink console...

I would very much like to wake up to this view! 

Here is the spa pool...

Um, this might be the most perfect place EVER to have a glass/bottle of wine....
All images via Delaire Graff

Oh my...I'm just dying to stay here. Not sure if that is in the cards, but hopefully I'll at least get to visit and hang in the wine lounge for as long as they'll let me!


White + Walnut Kitchen by Gluckstein Home

Not going to lie...I get a bit bored by an all-white kitchen. Despite the fact that white is one of my favorite colors (yes, it counts as a color), to me, there needs to be some sort of contrast or color in the space. When you divert from the all-white playbook, it just gets more interesting and unique.

On the Gluckstein Home Pinterest feed I saw the following kitchen, which perfectly illustrates my point. The bold walnut border accents on the cabinetry make the room look special and dynamic...yet it still is a classic, clean white kitchen. I also think it's a great blend of modern and traditional styles. Anyhow, I wanted to share because it's an out-of-the-box idea for cabinetry and is a great option for those that want a mostly white kitchen...

Photo via Gluckstein Home

Photo via Gluckstein Home

Photo via Gluckstein Home

What do you think? Are you a fan of the all-white kitchen or do you prefer more of a mix of color and materials?


Art on My Mind

I'm eternally searching art for clients' homes and of course, my own too. During my missions, there are always pieces that that I just can't get over (whether they are available for purchase or not). If I had a bigger bank account, I'd happily buy them all. But until then, I'll just have to digitally obsess. Join me... 

Blues Section, 2011 by Stanford Kay - acrylic on canvas, 38x42" - via Wally Workman Gallery

By Sarah Giannobile

Boundary of Surface, by Danna Ray - via Nahcotta

Lost and Found, 2012, by Madeline Denaro, acrylic with polymers on canvas, 65x63"

October, 2012, by Belynda Henry, acrlyic on canvas, 36x66"

Solarium, 2012, by Jeremy Miranda, acrylic on panel, 16x20" - via Mammoth and Company

Hemoglobin, by Erin McIntosh, 20"sq - via Gregg Irby Fine Art

Fathom Painting No.1, 2010, by Oliver Jeffers, oil and letraset on canvas, 28x48"

Cellar Stairs, 2012, by Jeremy Miranda, acrylic on wood panel, 14x18" - via Sebastian Foster

Ugh, I wish my art budget was bigger! I seriously covet all of the above. Maybe I'll get one as a Valentine's Day or birthday gift :) Art is definitely the perfect present since it can be enjoyed for a lifetime - it's just too bad that it's rarely inexpensive!


New at Dash & Albert

I use Dash & Albert rugs quite often because most of my clients have kids and/or pets. D&A makes fantastic polypropylene indoor/outdoor rugs that are tough, good looking, and well-priced so they are a perfect fit for households that can't handle anything too precious. Their diamond pattern is one of my go-tos...

Platinum/White colorway

Because I'm such a fan, it makes me happy to see that they've been adding new designs to the indoor/outdoor set and to the rest of their product lineup. Here are some of my favorite things from the bunch:

 I adore the new indoor/outdoor Two-Tone Rope design. It looks like a great texture and has just enough pattern to add interest.

It comes in lots of colors!

Not all of Dash & Albert's rugs are indoor/outdoor. They also offer lots of great cotton rugs including this new, super cute Fair Isle style...
Fair Isle Grey/Platinum Cotton Woven Rug
 Another favorite, the Cut Stripe Grey Hand Knotted Rug. I couldn't find the material content on this one, but I like the way it looks. The subtle stripe is really versatile and so is this color combo...

Besides new rugs, Dash & Albert has also released some cool benches/ottomans
that are upholstered with the indoor/outdoor rug material. This is such a great idea and I'll definitely be keeping these in mind to use as ottomans.
Catamaran Stripe Platinum Turned Leg Rug Ottoman - $1,025
I need to go check out the samples of the Two-Tone Rope. I think it would be a good option for a project where I'm making a formal dining room more usable for a family that has a two-year-old (as those of you with toddlers know, a rug around a 2 yo's eating area essentially functions as a drop cloth). I also want to try out one of their extra grip rug pads. The worst thing about flatweaves is that their corners can easily pop up and get dog-eared, so I'm thinking this pad may mitigate that.


Thrive Home Furnishings

I recently came across Thrive Home Furnishings and I'm pretty curious about the quality of their goods, because they:
  1. Have good prices (sofas under $2k)
  2. Offer free shipping both ways
  3. Have a 365-day return policy and a lifetime warranty
  4. Make their furniture in the USA
  5. Provide comprehensive dimensions with drawings
  6. Send free fabric sample kits
  7. Promise a 3 week lead time!?!
Besides those perks, I really like some of their designs. The general aesthetic is mid-century-modern-esque, so a few pieces lean a bit too far in that direction for most of my projects. I especially like Thrive's sofas and sectionals, like these...
Sullivan Loveseat - $1,199 -- Tyler Sectional - $2,999 -- Nixon Sofa - $1,899

Have any of you ordered from Thrive? I need some feedback and reviews. I'm always nervous to test new sources...especially non-local ones. I'm going to order a sample kit and check out their fabrics. Stay tuned!


Dream Destination: Babylonstoren

There's a pretty good chance that I'll have the privilege of going to South Africa in the next couple of months. My husband is traveling to Cape Town on business (he's an owner of a company called Safarious) and we plan to make a trip to the bush while we're in that part of the world. One of his partners, Andy Hogg, founded and now runs The Bushcamp Company and the other, Michael Lorentz, is a world class professional guide so we're following their lead on the wild part of the trip. We have some great recommendations for Cape Town as well, however, I've started doing my own research on where to go and stay...especially in the Cape Winelands. While cruising for info, I found Babylonstoren and it immediately went on my bucket list.

Babylonstoren is a beautifully restored historic Cape Dutch farm that was founded in 1690. Today it's a thriving little utopia complete with orchards, vineyards, gardens, a restaurant, a spa, a winetasting room, and a couple of swimming pools. It's a working farm, yet the whole property is open for exploration so guests really get to immerse themselves in the agrarian lifestyle (you can even pick your own fruits and veggies!). Former Elle Decoration editor Karen Roos has led the charge on breathing new life into Babylonstoren and she's really created something special. Along with her team, she's created a beautiful, fully-functioning farm, complete with bio-diversity and stylish decor! Have a look:

 This is the historic manor house...
photo © Babylonstoren

photo © Babylonstoren

photo © Babylonstoren

photo © Babylonstoren

photo © Babylonstoren

 As I understand it, the design around the tree is made with pieces of broken Dutch blue and white pottery. Amazing, right?!?
photo © Babylonstoren

The Greenhouse made me swoon. It doubles as a teahouse...double swoon.
photo © Babylonstoren

photo © Babylonstoren

photo © Babylonstoren

Here's a glimpse of the farm layout...

photo © Babylonstoren

I'm not entirely sure what's going on here with these suspended thatched garden pods, but hopefully I'll get to find out!
photo © Babylonstoren

The farm's restaurant is called Babel...I'm pretty sure this is the epitome of farm-to-table!
photo © Babylonstoren

photo © Babylonstoren

 As you can imagine, the menu is changed daily depending on what is fresh...

photo © Babylonstoren

photo © Babylonstoren

There's also a Farm Shop, where you;ll find wine (from Babylonstoren and other local wineries), handcrafted cheese, charcuterie, and freshly baked artisan breads. Then in the soap room, you can get handmade soaps!
photo © Babylonstoren

photo © Babylonstoren

Babylonstoren also boasts a small set of guest suites, all of which reflect 17th and 18th century Cape Dutch style sensibility mixed with a clean, modern aesthetic. I love the fresh white and the cozy but uncluttered vibe...
photo © Babylonstoren

photo © Babylonstoren

photo © Babylonstoren

photo © Babylonstoren

This is a kitchen in one of the cottages...
photo © Babylonstoren

Guests can take a dip - outside or inside. From what I read, the outdoor pool was designed to look like a traditional farm dam. I'm guessing it's this one and not the orange one above.

photo © Babylonstoren

 This is the spa pool...
photo © Babylonstoren

 And last but not least, Babylonstoren produces wine
photo © Babylonstoren

photo © Babylonstoren

How amazing does this place look? The whole setup seems to be both relaxing and rejuvenating. Even if I don't get to stay overnight, I'd love to spend the day on the grounds. Between the gardens, the wine, the restaurant, the tearoom, the spa, and the pool...I'd be in heaven.

Any if you have any Cape Town or Cape Winelands recommendations, I'd love to hear about them!