Houseplants and Their Containers

Every home needs a few living things in it...other than people, of course. Pets count and are essential (at least to me), but they don't exactly contribute to the decor plan. Plants and flowers do contribute and can be used to bring some color, texture, and life to pretty much any room. They make for a quick, easy, and inexpensive accessory. I'm a big fan of fiddle leaf fig trees, succulents, and orchids because they all look good, last longer than cut flowers, and are really easy to care for. Here are a couple of examples:

I keep a cachepot with two orchids on the coffee table in my den...

The orchid arrangement is the cherry on top in Colleen McGill's entry design (one of my all-time favs)...
Designed by Colleen McGill, photo via Style at Home, photo by Donna Griffith

These individually potted succulents are a simple but lovely addition to this vignette...
Via The Decorista

And this succulent arrangement by Dallas-based Grange Hall is stunning and would look fantastic on a dining room table or a large console table...

And a towering fiddle leaf fig tree adds a punch of green to Grant K. Gibson's living room...
Designed by Grant K. Gibson

As far as containing these green lifeforms goes, trees obviously need large planters as I posted about before and the succulents and orchids can be placed in a wide variety of containers and vessels. With both of these plants you can use one or group many together to fill a larger planter and make a bigger statement.

Whatever the size may be, make sure that the vessel you pick is interesting and impactful. The plant and its container will serve as an accessory in the room and every accessory should contribute to the overall style. Use your imagination and have some fun with it! Here are some ideas...
Oxford Serving Bowl - Z Gallerie
Cement Pleated Pots - Jamali Garden

Cube Planter Beveled - Layla Grayce
Spode Copeland Black Cachepot - Ebay
Vintage Chinoiserie Coalport Planter - Etsy
Silver Plated Champagne bucket - Save on Crafts
Blue and White Chinese Porcelain Planters - Etsy

As you can see from above, I often source cachepots and planters on Etsy or Ebay. I also love styles from Emilia Ceramics and there are tons of great inexpensive options at Jamali Garden and Save on Crafts (their silver plated julep cups are great for single orchids).

I'm a sucker for the Chinoiserie planters and cachepots. Which style do you like best? And do you have any plants in your home? What kinds?


  1. Oh Im a sucker for Blue and White porcelain and asian accents myself!
    Love your den...where did you get that leather barcelona ottoman? LOVE that!!!

  2. I have the perfect orchid pot in my living room, but I've been to intimidated by orchids to try it. Maybe I will soon. :)

  3. What a great post! The blue and white porcelain ones are my absolute favorite.

  4. For clients I always hunt for unusual pots for orchids, and I got a couple of rare blanc de chine ones myself. Antique stores and flea markets have been my best sources. But I really should to check out Etsy more often.



  5. I just purchased a fiddle leaf fig. I've been on the hunt for one for over a year! I'm completely in love. Even my husband commented on how great it looks in our house. Now...if I can just keep it alive!

  6. Plants do freshen up the space! Too bad I kill mine! Best, lynn

  7. What a great post dahhling! I have various containers through out the house.. Some blue & white delft, some silver leafed carved tree containers & of course cast iron black urns with preserved evergreens everywhere!

  8. Dude, you are totally inspring me! I have a large blue and white planter, soo pretty with a nice greek key motif, perfect for orchids. Must take care of that this weekend!

  9. great post and so timely! i was just searching for house plant ideas yesterday. the succulents would be great for my space thank you!

  10. You have read my mind!!! I've been on the hunt for the perfect planters for my houseplants for months now. I'm loving that Coalport planter and the milkglass. Great ideas!

  11. How do you care for your orchids? I've been wanting to try some, but then I see the price and am afraid I'll be throwing my money away.

  12. I have so many little plants all over my house. Mother Nature makes the prettiest greens. And how are you keeping your fiddleleaf fig so healthy??? I got one soon after you, and it has 6 leafs left!!?? And yet to find another. :/