Graphic Image Date Book Office Inspiration

In case you haven't heard, Graphic Image has graciously offered up a 20% discount on all purchases and a snazzy 2012 date book to giveaway to one lucky reader! Details on the discount and the giveaway can be found via my post on 8/26.

Having a beautiful date book is one of those little luxuries that you will appreciate every day. Not only will it help you stay more organized (and sane), it can also bring some color and style to your desk! Graphic Image has the BEST selection of colors and leather textures, so I thought I'd take a few of my favorite options and show how each date book can serve as an office decor accent. Here's my first pick, a Desk Diary from the Brights collection in orange:
Desk Diary - Graphic Image
Seven-Year Pen - Amazon
Jupiter Chandelier - Z Gallerie
Gelato Frame in Mango - Z Gallerie
Plimpton Oval Lamp - Jill Rosenwald
Harbor, oil on canvas - Sally King Benedict
Cottage Style Furniture Bennett Entertainment Console - Layla Grayce
Brno Tubular Chair - Room & Board
Jett Desk White Lacquer - Z Gallerie
Platinum Buche rug - Madeline Weinrib
Spotted Porcelain Tray in Orange - Furbish Studio
Format Tray Orange - CB2
No Whining print by Hammerpress - Urban Outfitters

Do you like the orange + taupe mix? I used Jill Rosenwald's Plimpton Lamps as my inspiration for the palette. I think it's such a cool design and it works perfectly with the orange desk diary, doesn't it?

Don't forget to enter the giveaway for the Graphic Image date book and remember that you can use to use the promo code MOVES to save 20% on all purchases from GraphicImage.com until 9/26/2011!


La Vida de Lujo - Designed by Pablo Paniagua

I audibly oohed and aahed upon seeing photos of the following apartment designed by Spanish designer Pablo Paniagua. The home is located in a super old building right in the middle of Madrid...or at least that is what I gathered from Google's translation of Nuevo Estilo's online feature, Orden Clásico. I'm obviously impaired by the fact that I don't speak Spanish...hopefully my post title sort of makes sense!

Full of crisp whites and deep, dark hues, this design scheme really harnesses the power of contrast. In every room, lights and darks were adeptly combined to create drama and sophistication. The streamlined palette allows the architecture and the eclectic set of furnishings to shine. Take a look and please excuse my excessive amount of commentary!

The facet of this area that I like best is the set of four of cocktail tables. Clean-lined tables like these work in almost any setting and this foursome occupies the space perfectly. Finding a large-scale coffee table to anchor a space can be a real challenge and this set up is a great solution. I also like the retro sofa and the gourd lamps caught my eye too. The translation indicated that the lamps are opaline...which makes me desperate for purchasing information!
Designed by Pablo Paniagua, image via Nuevo Estilo

Instead of a console table, a desk can be perfect behind a sofa like this one is here. It looks fantastic and it probably gets plenty of use too. That desk is to die for...and so are those grand, glossy black doors!
Designed by Pablo Paniagua, image via Nuevo Estilo

I'm loving the twin ivory ottomans with the rich navy sofas. And the powder blue accent pillows add just the right dose of modernity.
Designed by Pablo Paniagua, image via Nuevo Estilo

In case you're fixated on the pillows on the navy sofa, the fabric is called Golden Sunburst from Jim Thompson's Tony Duquette Collection. A swatch is shown below...
Designed by Pablo Paniagua, image via Nuevo Estilo

I could talk about this dining room all day long! To me, the overall look of the space is awesome...it's cool, sophisticated, and intriguing. The juxtaposition of the huge, dramatic red canvas (by Anke Blaue) with the stately trimwork really sets the classic + current tone. 

I assume that those are butler's pantries on either side of the artwork and if so, that would be such a clutch element in a dining room. Or perhaps they are just points of entry into the room. Whatever they are, the glass-paneled doors are simply perfect. Further, I love the classic ebonized walnut tables, which were designed by Pablo Paniagua, and the tufted-seat chairs are so chic. The overhead pendants are a unexpected twist and they definitely keep the space looking fresh. The only quasi-negative part of the room is the double table set up. Having two separate tables doesn't make sense to me so I'd love to know why that arrangement was chosen.

Designed by Pablo Paniagua, image via Nuevo Estilo

Contrast is king in this kitchen. I love the simplicity and the floor to ceiling cabinetry. I also really like the oversized Roman shades.
Designed by Pablo Paniagua, image via Nuevo Estilo

Designed by Pablo Paniagua, image via Nuevo Estilo
Finally, here is a pretty marble-clad bathroom in the home. I've included it because I like the idea of placing a bar for hand towels on the sink console...a lot of that has to do with the fact that it's a nice way to show off monogrammed towels ;)
Designed by Pablo Paniagua, image via Nuevo Estilo

Well, what are your thoughts about the apartment? Any favorite rooms? I think it's pretty spectacular and would love to be able to see the whole thing in person. There are a few more shots of the project over at Nuevo Estilo so pop over there and take a look if you want to see more!


Graphic Image Date Book Giveaway + Discount!

I have two exciting offers from Graphic Image to share with you today...first, you can use the promo code MOVES to get 20% off your entire order! Second, I have a gorgeous 2012 date book to giveaway! One lucky winner will get to pick the style and color AND have it personalized if they wish...pretty exciting, right?!?

One of my favorite Graphic Image date books is the Notebook planner because it's the perfect size and it has month and week-at-a-view appointment pages. I also love that it includes the holidays because I'm always trying to figure out when those happen. And there is nothing better than writing on the luxe, gilt edge, cream-colored paper that Graphic Image uses in their datebooks...it's a small luxury that will make scheduling that dentist appointment a bit more enjoyable :) Finally, I can't get over how many amazing leather/color options there are now. The metallics, brights, and the croc embossed leather ones have always been favorites of mine but now I'm obsessing over the neutral embossed python ones below! Which one do you like best?

To enter the giveaway you can do one or both of the following: 
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  2. Leave a comment on this post and identify which color/style of date book you'd choose if you were to win. Please include an email address if it is not accessible through your profile...otherwise I can't notify you if you win.
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Entries must be received by 11:59 pm CST on Friday, 9/16/2011.
The winner will be announced on Monday, 9/19/2011.

The 20% discount code is MOVES and will be valid from 8/26/2011 – 9/26/2011. It cannot be used in conjunction with any other coupon code. Anyone who uses this code on the Graphic Image site will automatically be entered into the sweepstakes.

Good luck!!


Timeless and Unique Rooms by Tom Scheerer

If you've flipped through any of the major shelter magazines over the past decade, it is likely that you've come across the work of Tom Scheerer. His projects have been published in AD, Town & Country, Elle Decor, and House Beautiful, and the press is certainly well deserved.

I appreciate how Scheerer and his team create classic spaces that are still fresh and interesting. Traditional furnishings are used as staples and unexpected elements like bold fabric, wallpaper, and paint and/or modern lighting keep everything looking current. The mix makes for ageless decor and I love that.

Here are some selections from the Tom Scheerer Incorporated portfolio, starting off with some pretty bedrooms...

Photo by Eric Boman

Photo by Matthew Hranek

Photo by Pieter Estersohn

Photo by Eric Boman
Photo by Francesco Lagnese
Photo by Simon Upton
Photo by Kari Haavisto

Photo by Matthew Hranek

Photo by Francesco Lagnese

Photo via Tom Scheerer

Photo by Christopher Baker

I had to include this tabletop shot because I LOVE the seersucker napkins and the glossy outdoor table (which probably was finished with a marine varnish).
Photo by Francesco Lagnese

Photo by Pieter Estersohn

Beautiful spaces aren't they? You can see his whole portfolio here, and it's definitely worth looking through because it is separated by project so you can see more of each property. Be sure to check out the yacht under the commercial section - it's amazing! Also, Elle Decor's LookBook has a great set of Scheerer spaces so check that out too.


The Lovely Work of Carter & Company

Yesterday's journey into the world of Paris Ceramics led me down the path of discovery of Carter & Company, a revered Boston-based interior design firm. Their offices are located on Newbury Street in Back Bay (one of the prettiest neighborhoods EVER) so it's no surprise that their work is timeless, sophisticated, and luxe. 

Based on their impressive portfolio, Carter & Company is capable of executing a wide variety of styles...in their oeuvre you'll find everything from a sleek modern kitchen to a traditional dining room in a historic home. Their design prowess coupled with this versatility is likely what has landed project showcases in major magazines like InStyle, New England Home, and Traditional Home

From their portfolio, these are some of my favorite spaces...

Simple white kitchen with all of the right details (inset cabinets, beveled-edge subway tile, great flooring, etc.) that make it standout from the rest. I'll never get that divine Spanish marble checkerboard floor out of my head!
Photo via Carter & Company

This office is chic and fun. I love the Quadrille Henriot Floral curtains and the crisp white lacquered desk.
Photo via Carter & Company

Classic dining room with just the right amount of drama. The contemporary mirror keeps the look from getting too stately.
Photo via Carter & Company

Perfect little marble-clad bathroom...
Photo via Carter & Company

Another great white kitchen...I'm curious about the island surface. Is it stone, wood, or concrete? If it's stone, maybe it's my fav, Lagos Azul limestone. Oh and those double refrigerators must be nice!
Photo via Carter & Company

If this doesn't say "New England" to you, then I don't know what will! So charming...
Photo via Carter & Company

This is a glimpse of the Boston Dreamhouse library that Carter and Company designed. Everything going on here is gorgeous but I'm particularly smitten with the desk and the inlaid flooring (near the curtains).
Photo via Carter & Company

Finally, here is an example from the set of historic properties they've worked on. Once again, they've infused a few key elements to keep the room from feeling stale. And aren't those dining chairs gorgeous? Besides the pretty gold-trimmed frame, the blue upholstery is just perfect.
Photo via Carter & Company

Do you have a favorite room from the above? They are all amazing but I probably love the kitchens best mainly because it would be a dream to have a replica of one of them in my house!


The Beautiful Stone, Tile, & Wood of Paris Ceramics

I was flipping through Luxe Magazine and stopped in my tracks when I saw the following Paris Ceramics ad...
Photo courtesy of Carter & Company

The Spanish marble checkerboard floor is what first drew me in. They are exquisite aren't they? I love a bold black and white checkerboard floor, but I'm really digging the use of the honed gray tiles since they are more subtle. The slight diversion from the classic is perfection. After obsessing over the image, I left the mag and went to the Paris Ceramics site where I found some gorgeous portfolio images...

I'm pretty sure this is from the same home as the one in the ad. I'm loving the mix of the tile floors with vividly colored accents like the red rug and the yellow window treatments...
Photo via Paris Ceramics

I am DYING over these floors. Apparently they are hand-hammered German silver briquette metal tiles. According to their site, the metal tile system is proprietary to Paris Ceramics and it's available in Copper and Brass, in addition to the German silver. A variety of patterns, shapes, and sizes are available. I want to see them in person but unfortunately, Paris Ceramics doesn't have a showroom presence in Dallas!
Photo via Paris Ceramics
 This fabulous pool is surrounded by tiles made of Santa Rufina, an alternative to antique terracotta that PC has developed. Using a mix of three different clays, these tiles are created by hand and must go through a long, laborious process to achieve their gorgeous color and patina. Besides the awesome Santa Rufina, the pool area also boasts French limestone copings (from PC) and a sublime wood pool deck. Oh and random aside, does anyone else find the thatched hut cabana to be a bit out of context??
Photo via Paris Ceramics

Those are my favorite three projects shown in their portfolio but there are lots of other great ones to see so take a look if you love stone and tile. If you fall into that category and find yourself on the PC site, click around in the Paris Ceramics Innovation section because there is some great information. 

Finally, if you're in the market for wood flooring, don't miss their wood surfaces section. They carry ITLAS products and they have some amazing woods like French white oak and a gorgeous dark Larice. 

Don't they have amazing things? I'm guessing that the price point is nothing short of premium but after seeing it in action and reading about how they produce the materials, I can understand why!


Shelter Mags Need to Step it Up

Is it just me or have the shelter mags been totally underwhelming lately? I can't recall the last time I saw an amazing interior spread in House Beautiful or Elle Decor and I've always loved their content. All of the homes they're featuring seem awkward, stale, and/or dated or they revolve around the now ubiquitous boho ikat/block-print/Moroccan trend that's been lingering for sometime now. The same styles and decor elements seem to be reinterpreted over and over again in these issues and frankly, I want to see something fresh and exciting.

Here's a great example from the September issue of House Beautiful. This room, designed by Mona Ross Berman, is really cute and of course, I love the orange and pink scheme. My main issue is regarding the leather Moroccan pouf, x-bench, and Flokati rug. There's nothing wrong with these elements, however, we've all seen them a million times by now. I'm definitely not getting any fresh decorating inspiration from this and therefore, the magazine has failed to serve its purpose for me since I didn't find useful fodder elsewhere in the issue.

Design by Mona Ross Berman, photo by Jonny Valiant via House Beautiful

Further, I like this powder room that is from the same home as the room above. I think the wallpaper, "Recessed" by Studio Printworks is cool. The use of the Circa Vendome sconces and the Kohler Memoirs pedestal sink, while pretty and classic, is certainly short of groundbreaking and is not what I would consider to be special and new enough for editorial.

Design by Mona Ross Berman, photo by Jonny Valiant via House Beautiful

And the Kitchen of the Month is fine but it's definitely old news. It's a kitchen from one of the chalets at The Bavarian, a quaint lodge in Taos, New Mexico (even though I can't find it now on their website). I blogged about it a year and a half ago and it looks pretty much the same aside from the photo styling.
Design by Alexandra Champalimaud, photo by Dominique Vorillon via House Beautiful

Do any of you agree with my assessment? Are you bored by the major shelter magazines too or am I just being cranky and jaded?

Quadrille-Inspired Bedding by Z Gallerie?

I ran across Z Gallerie's new Zuri bedding and instantly felt like the fabrics used were familiar. As it turns out, both the ikat and the zig zag patterns are pretty similar to two of Quadrille's signature prints, Kazak and Tashkent II.

Here is Quadrille's Kazak print which resembles the duvet and standard shams...
Photo via Quadrille

Image via Annie Loveridge

And they have a nifty two-toned Tashkent II that in a blue colorway, would look quite like the fabric Z Gallerie used for the euro shams...

Dear Quadrille, please provide LARGER photos on your website...thanks :)

Wherever their inspiration came from, I like the Zuri bedding, however, I wouldn't use the whole set since it's the print is so bold and saturated. All together it looks too busy but when paired with crisp white sheets like Serena & Lily's Navy Gobi Embroidered set and a simple coverlet or quilt like Donna Karan Home's Quilt. I really like the zig zag euro shams best and could skip the ikat altogether and go with a floral accent pillow like the Finishing Flourish pillow from Anthro...

What do you think of the Zuri bedding? Do you think that ZG might have knocked off Quadrille? Both ikat and zig zags have been trendy patterns over the past few years so they might have come up with it independently.

Also, if you do like the bedding, would you use the ikat and the zig zag together or would you divert from the ethnic pattern family and go with a floral like I did above?


Fabric Love: Thibaut's Marathon

One of my latest fabric obsessions is Thibaut's Marathon, which is a linen and cotton blend from their Avalon collection. It could be construed as an animal print or seen more as a Matisse collage-like pattern. Either way, I love it and think it's super versatile. Since the repeat isn't huge or rigid, Marathon would translate well on all kinds of upholstery and bed linens too. It comes in eight colorways and they are all great hues.

As you can see from Thibaut's images, it's a transitional print that works well in rooms that combine traditional and modern styles....

Here's an ad that shows all of the colorways...

What do you think of the fabric? Is one of the colorways jumping out at you? I love the navyaqua, pink, and orange. I also think the black is really chic. So I pretty much like them all!