Coffee Table Look-Alikes

After yesterday's post, I got some emails about the origin of the coffee table in my den. I purchased it a few years ago at the Wisteria Outlet...pretty sure it was a one-off sample because it was the only one there and I don't recall that Wisteria ever sold it. It is 40" square and 19" high.

Anyhow, I can't point you directly to my source but there are a few options out there if you want the same look. I posted a few last year, so check out the sources in that post. And here are a few more, starting with one from ABC Home that is shockingly only $399!!

1) form teak coffee table - ABC Home
2) Bleeker Coffee Table - William-Sonoma Home
3) Walnut Lounge Table, Yellow - Etsy seller IndistryMfgCo
4) Eldur Reclaimed Wood Cocktail/Coffee Table - Etsy seller ChristopherOriginal
5) Hamilton Coffee Table Square - Etsy Seller ModernIndustry
7) Indok Reclaimed Wood Cocktail/Coffee TableEtsy seller ChristopherOriginal
8) urbn 2.0 coffee table - ABC Home

Hope that helps all of you that are on the hunt. I assume that the Etsy sellers could customize the tables they sell to some degree so be sure to ask them about color, finish, and size options. Also keep in mind that a local metal worker can make a base to your specs and a top could easily be made with some nice wood. I have a great source in Dallas if anyone is interested in the custom route.

Have a fabulous weekend everyone!


Planters for My Fiddle Leaf Fig Trees

I recently welcomed a pair of Fiddle Leaf Fig trees into my home. These trees make great houseplants and are supposedly easy to care for...hopefully I don't prove that theory wrong! Anyhow, now I seriously need two containers for the trees as you'll see below.

This one is sitting on a beautiful cardboard box lid...

And this one is occupying a lovely metal trash can...

Not exactly the look I'm going for!

I'm thinking that I want either a pair of classic lacquered box planters or Chinese fish bowls. I'm also open to using two different containers. Per the usual, the kinds of planters I like are pretty darned expensive but I found a couple of affordable options. Here's the mix of styles that I like..can you guess which ones are pricey and which are bargains?

The Imari Jardiniere is the priciest one...ringing in at almost $5,500. Needless to say, I won't be getting that one! I'd really like to get a porcelain fish bowl but the larger ones aren't cheap. I'm so mad at myself that I didn't buy one that I saw at Homegoods last year! Anyhow, for my budget, I'm liking #1 and #11. Which ones do you like? This is the room that they'll be going in...


Round Top Time

Here in Texas, Round Top is in full swing right now. If you aren't familiar with it, Round Top is a big antiques show/fair in the middle of Texas. I will probably head down there tomorrow...kind of bummed that I couldn't go earlier, but it will be fun despite my quasi late arrival. I get too amped up about getting to these kinds of things early!

Since I can only squeeze one day into my schedule, I'll probably go straight to Warrenton which is my favorite spot. Marburger is very cool too, but it's more expensive and usually more crowded. I'll also be tracking down Leslie Pritchard, the grande dame of Again & Again, because she has a booth this year and I'm sure it's amazing! Leslie's been posting Round Top pics to the Again & Again Facebook page and it's making me very jealous :)

Here are some shots from my past trips...

These were AMAZING Moroccan glass tiles...I so wished I had a place for them at the time!

Here's a beautiful Texas sunset from the fields!

Do any of you go to Round Top? What are your favorite dealers and booths? I love Excess and Love Train antiques and lots of others that I know where they are, but not what they are called :)


Graphic Image Discount + Python Goodies

Graphic Image has extended the 20% discount on all orders through October 31st! Use the code MOVES to cash in on the savings. They've also officially released the Cayman Collection - a set of albums, frames, tech cases, accessories, and datebooks clad in a stunning python embossed leather.

I featured a Cayman Pocket Datebook in an office mood board a couple of weeks ago but didn't have the correct link since the Cayman datebooks weren't available for purchase then. I also think the color was a bit off on the board...I thought it was gray but it's actually a warmer-toned taupe. Anyhow, I LOVE this collection and after seeing the colors, the bone is my favorite. What is yours?

Cayman Python Collection


Affordable Animal Art from Etsy

I recently ran across two fun sources for wall decor on Etsy. Sellers Coco de Paris and Crowbiz offer whimsical illustrations of animals painted or printed on "upcycled" pages of vintage books and antique maps. I used one with giraffes from Coco de Paris in a mood board last week. Coco's are actually originals because the images are painted on the pages with acrylics. The ones from Crowbiz are prints, although the maps and book pages are authentic...just the animal images are printed.

Each piece costs around $10 so they are an ideal price for buying and framing multiples. I'd consider using the prints in rooms for kids or teenagers or spaces like bathrooms and hallways where more significant artwork can be overlooked or damaged. Since the prints themselves are so affordable, stick with a reasonably-priced frame. CB2, Pottery Barn, West Elm, and Z Gallerie have cool frames that aren't expensive.

Here some of the prints housed in  CB2's Float Frames, which cost between $20-35. These don't have mats which makes them super flexible and easy to setup:
Moose - Clever Chihuahua - Turtle

Here is the Gelato frame from Z Gallerie, you could use the 5x7" or the 8x10" which cost between $15-20:
Giraffe on antique map

From Pottery Barn, here are the Lee Gallery Frame and the Wood Gallery Oversized Mat Frame, for large sizes like the ones shown here, prices range between $56-130:
Two Elephants with Red Birds - Giraffe Eating Grass 

Here are more of my favorite prints from Crowbiz and Coco de Paris...

Aren't these fun? I think they have lots of personality and are great for people who are on a tight budget and have too much empty wall space. Do you have a favorite animal? I love all of the Coco de Paris animals...you can't help but smile when you look at those! I also prefer the Coco ones because they are original.


Michelle Nussbaumer + Ceylon et Cie on Gilt Today!

Michelle Nussbaumer is the proprietress of one of Dallas's finest showrooms, Ceylon et Cie. Michelle travels the world and acquires exquisite treasures for the showroom and for her clients. The showroom contains layers and layers of the finest, most interesting wares for the home...you'll find everything from massive ginger jars to vintage paintings and custom ikat fabrics (including some stunning metallic ones) to Murano lamps.

Michelle's impeccable taste and creative flair are a powerful combination and quite possibly make her the world's greatest shopper :) With that said, you won't want to miss her curated "Style Stars" sale today on Gilt Home. To give you a taste of what the sale might include, here are some shots of the luxe, eclectic goods sold at Ceylon et Cie...

Incredible place isn't it? It's honestly one of my favorite shopping destinations in Dallas...unfortunately my budget doesn't go very far there!

Be sure to tune into Gilt at 11am CST to shop Michelle's sale!